Thursday, 22 January 2015

Which Credit Card offers Good Freebies in Singapore?

Cash back cards pay you a certain amount every time you use them. This could translate to hundreds of dollars a year, when used optimally. The top cards pay an average of 5% cash back at selected merchant outlets. However, they also offer incentives for other regular purchases.
Credit cards typically come with some extremely lucrative offers; so why ignore the best, especially, when they offer so much? Apart from the convenience of instant money, the option of having rewards and offers is one of the biggest advantages of plastic money. While options like fancy restaurant discounts, birthday discounts and travel upgrades are fairly common in cash rebate cards, there are those that offer much more.

Hand-picking the Benefits 

An important criterion that comes into play while choosing a card is the goodies that it brings along. Sometimes, a few perks can prove to be more than useful. Also, one would want to pick a cash rebate card that has benefits for the entire family. While we think of additional benefits on entertainment related services, such offers in daily needs can be rather useful, especially for a large family with kids. Here are a few highlights of such family cards:

1.      Daily Essentials: Rebate options are available in major petrol stations and hypermarkets in Singapore and Malaysia, such as TESCO and AEON BIG.

2.      Health & Wellness: These cards also give benefits at chain stores like Watsons personal care stores and the Guardian, where you can buy personal and health care products for the entire family at a rebate.

3.      Fast Food Delivery: A weekly outing is more than common, with the entire family stopping at places like McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC, to name a few. And when you get more from your outing through your cash bank cards, you’ll be “lovin’ it” all the more!

4.      Other Retails: Many retail stores are also covered under such cards. You have the option of enjoying cash back at kids and mothercare outlets, online stores and book stores.

Maybank Family & Friends Platinum MasterCard is a classic example of the above features. Apart from offering the said 5% on the selected merchant outlets, it offers a 0.3% rebate on other purchases. It goes on to open the doors for a host of other privileges in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia as well. These privileges and discounts are usually detailed on the company’s website.