Thursday, 17 September 2015

Avail Of The Best Credit Card Offers

There are a multitude of benefits that credit cards offer in the UAE. Little wonder then, that the country is increasingly buying them.

A credit card is a useful monetary tool for the times when one needs cash, without having to carry cash. It allows one the freedom to make large purchases even when one does not have the cash for it, with the rider that the user will repay the money ‘credited’ at a later date.

Banks in the UAE are widening their customer base for credit cards like never before. Seeing customers’ interest in credit cards, banks are including a host of benefits that users can avail of when they use their credit cards. Customers can avail of such benefits as discounts for shopping at select outlets in the UAE, or in certain product categories. Further, there are cash back offers on shopping above a certain limit. In the UAE, credit card usage normally attracts discounts during the holy month of Ramadan.

Other credit card offers in UAE can include such freebies as film tickets as part of promotional activities, or increased talk time on their mobile phones. Customers also love the idea of getting points for shopping, which they can redeem at a later date for an attractive item of their choice.

What you should watch out for

While most credit card offers in UAE are genuine, customers can be confused about the basic premise of a credit card. The term ‘credit’ implies a certain credit up to which the user may spend money on purchases, provided the user repays the money at a decided payment schedule.

Also, if you are being offered a free credit card, it is important to note how far this claim goes. ‘Free’ credit cards are free only of taxes and other charges, their use does not imply that one does not repay the amount of money that the card was used for. Premier banks in the UAE offer free credit cards for a certain period of time only; they are clear in explaining that the credit card is not free over a lifetime. If the credit card being offered to you is ‘free’ for lifetime, investigate this claim thoroughly.

You must also be conversant with any terms and conditions applicable to any credit card offers in UAE. 

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