Wednesday, 23 September 2015

How To Look Younger

Every woman is pleased when somebody compliments her on her looks. She won’t admit it, but nothing thrills her more than people thinking she is younger than her actual age. But her mood is a complete contrast to this elated one when people mistake her for a much older woman. 

And why shouldn’t you a woman be upset? Her precious skin is supposed to mirror her true age (or a younger one!), it should not tell lies about her. Looking older is actually the result of dull, tired skin that has developed lines and age spots. Crow’s feet and wrinkles on the face, loose skin on the arms and neck…these belong on an older woman.

It is possible to retain one’s young, radiant looks with some lifestyle adjustments. Follow this guide to know how to lookyounger:

* Follow a daily beauty routine. The years will roll off your face if you follow a daily cleansing-toning-moisturising routine. This regimen keeps the skin clean and hydrated, thus helping it renew and repair itself faster. Responsive skin is able to retain its youth for a longer time.

* Maintain strict sleep timings. We always take sleep for granted, often sleeping less and poorly. Adults need at least 7 hours of sleep every night, in a quiet and comfortable environment. Sleeping less affects the body’s functioning, and the first casualty is our skin. You can attribute sudden hair loss or an acne breakout to lack of sleep.

* Eat healthy food. Given a choice between a bowl of salad and a pizza, most people would pick a pizza. Pick the salad if you want to look younger. The food we consume has a direct effect on our skin. Sugary, salty and high fat food will reveal itself with excessively oily skin, acne, dandruff and other problems. Eat balanced, healthy meals that provide all the essential nutrients and food groups in a day.

* Exercise daily. The need for exercise goes up dramatically as one ages. The primary benefit of exercise is that physical activity releases ‘endorphins’, which are known as the ‘feel good hormones’. Endorphins elevate the mood, cause a surge of energy in the body and help the brain focus on tasks. Besides, exercise helps the heart and lungs work better, while helping the skin release toxins through sweat.

* Plan your week but relax on the weekends. The stress of daily life can age us much faster than usual. Stress actually prompts the body to release larger amounts of ‘cortisol’, the stress hormone. This hormone can age the skin and hair, upset digestion and interfere with the body’s healing process. To keep stress under check, you must plan your work day well in advance to stay ahead of deadlines. But over the weekends, you must simply go with the flow and catch up on leisure activities to maintain a good balance between work and personal time.

You can crack the age-old ‘How to look younger?’ question with these rules. Add a few of your own and reap the benefits of younger-looking skin.

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