Tuesday, 3 November 2015

5 Places You Must Visit in Bahrain

Al-Fateh Grand Mosque, located in the city of Juffair, is one the largest mosques in the world and a popular tourist attraction. It boasts the world’s largest fibreglass dome. Bahrain is one of the top choices for travellers to the Middle East. It showcases a true amalgamation of the modern Arab culture and historical landmarks that tell the story of 5,000 years of civilization in the region.

What to See in Bahrain

Bahrain also offers you a chance to indulge in adventure activities, such as bird watching, scuba diving and horse riding. Owing to its liberal laws and expat friendly environment, life in Bahrain is one of the most relaxed and enjoyable of all the gulf countries. Here are five places that you must visit when in the country. The culture and heritage here is a true reflection of what life in Bahrain is like.

1.      Bahrain National Museum – Opened in 1988, this museum covers 6000 years of history. Not only does it boast exceptional artefacts of the region, but it prides itself on being one of the most alluring buildings in the country, with a sensational patio. A host of pictures and displays cover the discovery of the Dilmun Empire. The museum has nine halls and the rich heritage of Bahrain has been classified into six different sections.

2.      Bahrain International Circuit – If the sports person in you wants to experience the adrenaline rush, then this international circuit is a must visit. It was established in 2004 and has since grown to host events like drag racing, grand prix, v8 super cars, desert 400 and more. The circuit has a host of tracks that include a grand prix track, inner track, outer track, paddock circuit, drag strip and oval track, among others. 

3.      Al Areen Wildlife Park – This is a wildlife park and zoo located in Sakhir. It is one of the five protected areas in the country. The animal species have been protected at the Al Areen Wildlife Park for 30 years and you can witness the marvellous beauty of nature with animals in their own natural habitat. The park has 500 species of animals and more than 1,000 species of plants.

4.      Qa’lat Al Bahrain – The site is made up of successive layers of mound and a fort sits on top of that mound. About 25% of the structure has been excavated to reveal various structures, such as residential, commercial, public, religious and military. It is a place with a wide variety of antique. It was the spot where the capital of the Dilmun civilization once stood.

5.      Bahrain World Trade Centre – This is viewed as a representation of life in Bahrain because of its business influence. But much more than that, it is a magnanimous structure that has won two awards for its architectural beauty.