Monday, 30 November 2015

Bahrain is Open to Investments from Abroad

Why Global Investments?

It makes sense to invest abroad now, despite the challenges being faced by developing economies. International assets return high growth in the long run and are undervalued at this time, because of the fact that they are located outside the North America-European Union zone.

The Persian Gulf and Bahrain

The GCC region is a unique destination for global investments for several reasons. Oil and gas have helped develop infrastructure in the Persian Gulf countries. In recent times, many efforts have been made by this region to diversify its economies. Cultural barriers and political distinctions are being overcome by deliberate and determined effort.
Situated strategically at the transit point of the waterways through which travels most of the oil needed by Western markets, Bahrain is steadily increasing its visibility as an economic force.
Bahrain has made it easy for foreign firms and investors to do business by liberalizing many sectors of its economy, diversification to different industries, such as financial services and manufacturing, ICT and logistics, ensuring a fair and transparent regulatory and legal framework.

Professional and Industrial Services Sector

Professional services is a term used to cover a range of occupations with intensive knowledge and skill, and requiring professional licenses to set up practice. Hence architects, accountants, doctors, lawyers, management consultants, etc, would fit in this definition. There is great scope for such practitioners in Bahrain's progressive and wealthy society.
Industrial Services, on the other hand, are those processes that add value to engineered products, such as design, maintenance or inspection. Bahrain is already considered the region's manufacturing hub.
Bahrain offers the following advantages over other Gulf countries in welcoming global investments, especially from Italy:
1.      It is the leader in ease of doing business, according to the World Bank.
2.      Most free economy in the Middle East, according to the Wall Street Journal.
3.      Lowest costs to run your business or hire employees, both local and foreign.
4.      Highly liberalized financial Sector and associated services.
5.      Politically stable and secure. Bahrain has good relations with all GCC countries, as well as the US and Europe.
6.      Most skilled and educated workforce with very high Human Development indicators (UNDP 2014)
7.      Remarkably open, friendly and progressive society.

In addition to these advantages, Bahrain provides active assistance to foreign businesses and global investments through its Economic Development Board, which is waiting to aid your interests at every step, making sure you get the best treatment in all of West Asia.