Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Credit Cards, And How To Get Them

It is extremely easy to get a credit card in the UAE. Here’s a helpful guide on buying a useful credit card.

Credit cards are an extremely essential part of our wallets in today’s times. With a credit card, one can easily do away with a lot of spare cash and buy things on the go. They make shopping easy both online and offline, and they offer the opportunity of buying even expensive items without having to worry about getting together the cash first.

Also, it is possible to buy several expensive items on EMIs which are adjusted from the credit card. Credit cards make life extremely simple, by also offering the user the option to withdraw money against them in times of emergencies.

How to apply for credit card in UAE
Banks across the UAE are proactive about increasing their already large customer base for credit cards. These days, customers are opting to apply for credit card in UAE online. This is an easy and quick way to purchase credit cards, with banks offering detailed product information on their websites. The bank processes the application quickly and the credit card is delivered at the customer’s address.

Do your research diligently when applying for a credit card. If you conduct your research over the Internet, type the words ‘apply for credit card UAE’. The search engine will generate pages of the available credit cards offers in UAE, in descending order of importance and popularity.

When applying for a credit card, find out what the monthly payments and late payment charges are. Next, look for the benefits the credit card comes with – this will be in the form of bonus points, discounts on shopping, cash back offers, even freebies at recreational spaces such as malls and cinema theatres. Other benefits may include free cash withdrawal up to a certain limit, or personal finance options for other purchases like cars.

However, it is always better to request a call back from the bank to know everything about the credit card you are about to purchase. Getting the full picture, including charges and benefits, will put you on the track to using the credit card responsibly. Never default on payments, and do not be tempted to buy multiple credit cards. Try also not to rack up debts against the credit card – this can land you in a major financial mess that can be difficult to solve.