Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Jobs in the Gulf Region are a Good Option if You Want to Save Big

Gulf State countries are leading the rest of the world in welcoming expats, according to new research. Out in front is the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where 84% of the estimated 9.4 million population are expats. Next is Qatar, where three-quarters of the 1.8 million population are expats. Kuwait takes third place, where 60% of the 3.4 million populations are expats. Bahrain follows in fourth with 55% of the population of 1.3 million comprising expats, according to an article published in Money International in November 2014. Gulf jobs have evolved with the evolution of the GCC countries as lucrative offers and not as bonded labour.

Advantages of Working in the GCC Region

Expat friendly policies, attractive tax regime, various benefits offered by companies are some of the advantages of a Gulf job. People from all over the world migrate to the Gulf region in order to earn more. Growing Gulf economies and their continuous expansion have paved the way for expat workers. The demand for skilled labour exists because of the need to create and make world class facilities available in the entire GCC region. Moreover, it is also profitable for expat workers, since they can save big while working in the region. Some of the advantages of working in the Gulf are:
·         Attractive Tax Policy – Most of the GCC countries do not levy income tax.
·         Attractive compensation.
·         100% Ownership of Property – Bahrain allows 100% ownership of property.
·         Free Repatriation of Salary – Most of the GCC countries offer easy repatriation of salary to your home country, either free or for a minimal transfer fee.
·         Benefits from the Employee – Employers may offer you benefits such as return ticket to your home country once in a year. Senior officials may get two return tickets.
·         Ease of Access to the Entire Gulf Region – The entire gulf region is easily accessible from within. Kuwait is connected to Bahrain by road, as is KSA. Bahrain enjoys a strategic location and is centrally connected to all the other GCC countries either by road, air or sea.
·         Numerous Opportunities – Being the oil hub of the world and with the increase in demand for manufactured goods, improved healthcare services and world class education systems, the Gulf offers a wide variety of job opportunities.
Bahrain is considered to be the favoured destination for Gulf jobs because of its liberal laws, no tax policies and a strong expat support system.