Monday, 16 November 2015

Why Does UAE Love Credit Cards?

Credit cards are the best option for large purchases without having to tote around too much cash or think about spending.

The UAE is one of the foremost shopping destinations in the world. Tourists and residents alike love to check out souks and several swanky shopping malls dotting the country. There are a multitude of options available in every product category, from cars to tissue paper. Also, all of the leading brands in the world are present in the UAE.

The wedding season has just commenced in the UAE in October, and the country is racing towards a festive finish to the year. Coming on the heels of the shopping season during Ramadan, this has opened up a veritable treasure trove of shopping, dining and recreational activities for the country’s masses. Major retailers and e-commerce sites are unveiling a host of special offers and discounts on everything from food to furniture.

Those living in the country are enthusiastic shoppers, using their cash or cards liberally to purchase the items of their choice. However, credit cards find particular favour among the populace. This could be attributed to the ease of shopping that credit cards provide. One does not need cash on one’s person or even in the bank to make large purchases. They give the shopper time to repay the borrowed cash within the stipulated payment window. This arrangement is ideal for the times one needs to make an emergency purchase but does not have the money for it.

UAE credit cards are offered by banks with a host of benefits and attractive discounts. While one card may offer a discount on film tickets on a particular day of the week, another might give the chance to collect points on purchase at select brands. Meanwhile, other UAE credit cards have a tie up with certain malls or e-tailers to offer a cash back option on every purchase. There are some credit cards that can be used to buy expensive furniture or electronic items on equated instalments at no additional interest.

It is extremely easy to get a credit card, too. Instead of trudging to the nearest bank branch, one can simply apply for a UAE credit card in the comfort of one’s home. The purchase process takes place within minutes and the card is delivered to the applicant’s address within a few days, along with the card documents and information.