Sunday, 13 December 2015

4 Small Business Ideas for the UAE

The World Bank has ranked the UAE first amongst all Arabian nations in its “Ease of Doing Business Report 2016” for third year in a row, according to an October 2015 article in Emirates 24X7 News. The UAE enjoys a strategic location that connects the East and West, offering many opportunities for trade and globalisation of business establishments. The nation’s tax free structure, with no personal income, capital gains or corporate tax (for the first fifty years) and liberal business laws makes it an ideal location to set up shop.

Start Your Own Enterprise

Here’s a look at some trending entrepreneurial ideas in the country. Don’t worry about finances because mortgage against property in the UAE can help you fund your entrepreneurial idea.
1.      Eateries/Restaurants /Cafés – One in three of the UAE’s population chooses to dine out every day, according to a food and beverage study published in 7 Days UAE in June 2015. Extravagant lifestyle and hectic schedules have led to an increase in the demand for eateries. Therefore, the restaurant and café business is one idea that is sure to click in this country. Once you start seeing profits, you can take a mortgage against property in the UAE and expand to other locations as well.

2.      Childcare Centres – This facility is especially beneficial for working couples. You can also offer special child care services that cater specially to the needs of the differently-abled. The idea is to offer niche services, i.e., for a certain age group, such as infants, pre-schoolers and so on, or for certain special needs. 

3.      Recruitment Agency – Did you know that 80 percent of the nation’s population are expats? Recruitment agencies act as a link between the workers and companies willing to hire them. You can deal with both unskilled and skilled workers as well as expats and UAE nationals.

4.      Affiliate Marketing – If you are someone who is interested in the IT sector and loved to work for long hours before a computer, then this is the option for you. Affiliate marketing refers to promoting products or services offered by other business. You can start a small agency and cater to many organizations at the same time.

You can also go in for property management or travel and tourism. You can take property loans against both residential and commercial property to fund your business activities. Remember to also obtain a license that will you let expand and add new products/services to your enterprise in future.