Monday, 21 December 2015

Can Lubricants Help Her Enjoy More?

Using lube to spice up sex life has been a trend for years now. A common topic when it comes to sex advice is whether lube is helpful or not. There has been a long-term debate as to whether lubes are actually safe and what kind of effect it can have on the human body.  The answer is that it necessarily doesn’t have to be harmful if you know how to use lube. Sex lubricants can be extremely enjoyable to use for women.

What does lube help do?

Lubes offer lubrication which is needed for sex. If you are having sex there needs to enough lube so that the vaginal tract doesn’t chaff. Dry skin can cause extreme pain during sex and that is where lube come sin. More than men women tend to use lube to avoid any kind of injury during sex. The vaginal tract is supposed to secrete natural lubrication but many females are unable to provide that lubrication hence they experience pain from the dry vaginal tract getting rubbed. Lubes help to make sure that the vaginal tract is moisturised and slippery enough for women who don’t display much natural secretion. Vaginal dryness can be caused due to various reasons from menopause to breastfeeding. Even when you have a dry day in your menstrual cycle sex can be painful during that time. Women can experience much better and satisfying intercourse if they tend to use lube more often.

Use lubes when you try sex toys

For women who use toys lubes are a must. You do not want that plastic or rubber to be scratching your skin. Many women tend to forget such factors in the senses of sex but later on they experience stinging and pain. It is advised that you use lubes any time you are using any sex toys.

Make sure the lube is condom friendly

Lubes are generally condom friendly. When you are using a lube check to make sure the lube is oil free which will help in making sure that the condom is not weakened. Women will feel no difference no matter which lube is being used however many women claim that the gel based lubes are much more satisfactory.

Lubes repair the vaginal skin

Lubes also help in repairing the vaginal tract. After sex it is common to feel a certain stinging or pain throughout your vaginal tract. Lubes help in making sure that the skin is repaired and also help with the burning sensation due to the cool feeling to lubes. It is very nice for winter seasons as well when the skin tends to be very dry.

There are basically two types of lubes available in the market which is water based and gel based. Go for the one you like more but generally gel type is preferred due to the consistency offering better feelings and sensations. Using lubes will help a woman to go about better sexual orgasms as well. This is due to the constant sensations being passed through the sexual organs and the skin being as relaxed as possible.