Friday, 11 December 2015

How To Pick The Best Laser Hair Removal Facility

Dubai has several excellent laser hair removal clinics. But how can you pick the best one?

Unwanted hair on the face and the rest of the body can take away from your otherwise glamorous appearance. You have to make endless rounds of your favourite salon to get the hair waxed or threaded away. But whatever you try, the hair seems to come back in a few weeks, as thick as ever. You often wish for a magic wand to take away all the unwanted hair in one stroke – and then you tell yourself that not every wish can come true.

But this wish certainly can – with laser hair removal. It is a cosmetic process by which a laser beam goes to the root of the hair to remove it from the skin. This means that the hair does not grow back quickly, or if it does, the growth is quite scant. However, as with any cosmetic procedure, there is always some risk with this treatment as well. Some women report skin burns while others report sensitivity to the sunlight and hot weather. 

It is important to pick the right laser hair removal facility to reap the maximum benefits of the procedure. This is how you can pick the best laser hair removal clinic in Dubai:

1. Do your research. Find the clinics that come highly recommended. You can find customer testimonials online or you can ask somebody who has already undergone the treatment. Find out what the procedure is like, if the doctor conducting the procedure is experienced and attentive, and if the clinic follows a high level of professionalism.

2. Find out the clinic’s credentials. Once you have zeroed in on a laser hair removal clinic in Dubai, you can inquire about the facility’s credentials. Find out the staff strength, the experience of the attending doctors, who will conduct the actual procedure (a doctor or a technician), and what their charges are. If the charges quoted are higher than at other clinics, ask why. Ask for brochures and reference material that you can study at home before making an appointment.

3. Schedule a pre-treatment consultation. This will give you the chance to find out in greater detail about the procedure to be carried out. The clinic should be willing to arrange such a meeting; do not go there if the clinic insists on setting a date for the actual treatment right away. Let the doctor examine your skin for texture, sensitivity and existing or older problems. This session will also help you understand the side-effects of the procedure, and what you can do before and after the treatment to care for your skin.

4. Schedule the treatment. Insist that the doctor you consulted with be present during the procedure, even if a technician carries out the actual treatment. Be sure to follow any pre-treatment care instructions that the doctor may have given you. Once the procedure is over, consult the doctor for any immediate skin care steps you may need to take.

5. Follow up meetings. Depending on how well your skin responds to treatment, the clinic will examine and set up follow up dates for you. The doctor will examine your progress, and you can address concerns about skin sensitivity or peeling or burns. A good clinic will offer post-treatment care as well.