Thursday, 10 December 2015

The UAE Is The Best Country To Use Credit Cards

Not only is buying a credit card in the UAE a breeze, there are several benefits of owning one.

The UAE has been rolling out the red carpet for potential credit card users in the country for years now. Every year, banks in the country come up with innovative ways to attract customers and retain them. Since procuring a credit card is one of the simplest tasks in the UAE, almost every salaried or self-employed person has a credit card today.

As per a research report, the volumes of credit card payments will show a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) to reach 28.4 million credit cards in the UAE in the year 2018. The numbers are being calculated over the period 2014 to 2018. 

The staggering popularity of credit cards can be attributed to low charges and annual fees, as well as a host of benefits and freebies tacked to the credit card usage. However, banks are moving beyond offering mere discount coupons and cash back offers on credit cards. It is not premature to say that the best credit card offers are to be found in the UAE. These cards are now being viewed through the lens of ‘everyday companions’, viz. their usage is being made integral to a customer’s daily spends. Credit cards are being used for every payment from utilities bills to making the down payment for a car.

Since customers use credit cards for a variety of daily purposes, it is only fitting that banks in the UAE customise their usage further. Merging their cards with unusual, more interactive experiences, some of the best credit card offers in UAE cover the gamut of benefits from reward points to live enjoyment of spaces. For instance, while some customers may get reward points for paying utility bills before the due date, others can get points when shopping at duty free outlets in UAE and abroad. Meanwhile, some banks offer customers discounts on booking tickets to blockbuster films while also getting the chance to preview them with a select few people before the rest of the country.

Adding to this list of experiences, some credit cards now allow customers a free pass to experience the lounges of international airports, while others let customers accumulate points to redeem in exchange for an activity, such as a free session of golf at a high-end golf course in the UAE. Included in this list of best credit card offers in UAE is the chance to redeem points for a short vacation or a concierge service.

Personalising the credit card experience further, a leading bank in the country now offers to post ‘selfies’ on customers’ credit cards instead of the usual passport size photographs – customers can send their selfie to the bank and get them printed on their credit card. Other banks offer scented cards or high quality premium cards to be used only in expensive establishments.