Thursday, 27 August 2015

Features of Business and Corporate Banking

Business lending increased by 5.9 per cent in the second quarter, 2015 according to the Credit Sentiment Survey report of the Central Bank of UAE. A hassle free banking experience is what a business needs in order to function efficiently. Even a single delayed payment could be no less than a nightmare for a growing firm as it starts a chain of delayed work.

6 Defining Features of Business Banking 

Experts recommend evaluating you business financial needs once every few years. You must adhere to business banking that offers comprehensive solutions for your growing financial capacity. If you are looking to open up a current account or want to upgrade your business banking experience, then you must look into the following features:-

1.      Counter Transactions and Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit – If you are in a business which requires you to make cash withdrawals on a daily basis then you must look for a banking solution with a high daily cash withdrawal limit. Also, you must look into the number of counter transactions permitted in a month.

2.      Payroll Solutions – A bank that offers comprehensive payroll solutions to take care of your employee salary accounts is a must. Look for features for your employee’s convenience such as no minimum balance requirements, no monthly fees and more. Do look for a solution that has no or minimum accounting errors in order to reduce costs.

3.      Investments and Savings– Look for such a banking solution that offers a unique balance between generating profit and liquidity. A fixed deposit account is a great way to earn higher profits by depositing your funds over a fixed period of time. 

4.      Financing – A business banking solution that will provide you with a loan amount to manage your cash flow, asset acquisition and expansion requirements of your business is highly recommended. Business banking with Emirates Islamic offers you Sharia’ah compliant financing solutions such as Ijarah and Murbaha.

5.      Online Banking – An online banking service that lets you do both financial and non-financial transactions is essential. 

6.      International Transactions – Banks facilitate foreign exchange transactions on pre decided exchange rates. A bank that will mitigate the effect of currency and price fluctuations with special foreign exchange rates is must if you are involved in international trade. 

Apart from the above mentioned corporate and business banking features, you must also make yourself aware of the fees charged by the bank as well as gather information about the customer support system.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dubai auto loans 101

Buying your dream car in Dubai is made doubly pleasurable if you know the basics of car finance. Here’s presenting an easy guide.

Driving in one’s car is a pleasure in Dubai. The city offers a huge selection of new and used cars, as also several car finance options. Hence, buying a car in Dubai is an easy process.

But there are certain basics to be cognisant of – did you know, for instance, how much the down payment on a car is? Or the longest tenure for a car loan in Dubai? Here’s a list of facts about car finance in Dubai that you need to be aware of before applying for a car loan:

- The documents you require are: Passport, valid driver’s licence, salary certificate, six months bank statements and insurance papers of old car.

- You need to pay a minimum 20% of the car’s value as down payment. The remaining 80% can come via auto loan from the bank.

- The interest rate calculation goes thus: 80% of the car’s price x current interest rate x tenure of payment. The bank will add this figure to the 80% loan amount ÷ no. of months of tenure.

- You cannot take an auto loan exceeding 5 years of tenure.

- You can reduce the interest payable by opting for a shorter tenure. However, you should do this only if you can pay higher EMIs.

- Defaulting
on loan payments results in the vehicle being attached by the bank. The applicant must also shell out late charges and other penalties.

Renting v/s buying cars

Since most people find the costs of cars in Dubai quite prohibitive, they opt to rent cars instead. Car rentals pick up during the non-summer months in Dubai. Renting out cars is now a lucrative business idea in Dubai.
If you are interested in getting car finance in Dubai for a car rental business, study the steps above. Your bank will also guide you on the best loan options for the venture. Understand the business model for the enterprise, and such terms as fixed cost motoring, service and maintenance clauses, setting up 24/7 call centre assistance and road service systems.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Arm Yourself Against Acne

“Minimal amounts of sun exposure may initially lead to some acne improvement, but prolonged exposure promotes more rapid exfoliation, which clogs pores and leads to more breakouts,” says a report published by the University of Mississippi Medical Center. This is a typical example of how confusing the realm of acne can be. We often receive conflicting advice from well-meaning friends and relatives, who only want to help us tackle our acne, but end up making us feel helpless. It is, therefore, important to understand the facts before we are able to decide on a treatment for acne.

Facts about Pimples

There are several myths shrouding one of the most common phenomena in the realm of skin disasters. Here’s a look at three of the most prevalent of them.
1.      Acne is not caused by dirt: Contrary to age-old popular misconception, acne is in fact caused by build-up of oil produced by the skin, which clogs the pores and reacts with bacteria to cause inflammation.
2.      Diet does not cause acne: While it can be a trigger, it is not usually the cause. The cause is more likely hereditary or hormonal.
3.      Acne cannot be cured: There are several tips that people will give you, including waiting it out till you are older, for your acne to be cured. The fact is that although it is incurable, there are effective treatments for acne.

Treatment for Acne

Anyone who has fought the recurrent battle with pimple outbreaks knows how disheartening it can be. While home treatments can improve the condition of your skin, if you have a hereditary disposition to acne, it continues to resurface. This is why expert dermatological treatments are recommended to anyone who has a severe case.

Most Effective Treatments

1.      Derma Roller: This is recommended in extreme cases, when breakouts reach a severity that cannot be tackled with antibiotics and Benzoyl Peroxide, which are over the counter drugs. This technique involves pin pricks that simulate the skin to regenerate and heal itself. It is known to be quite effective once all four sessions have been completed.
2.      Fractional Laser: Low-intensity application of high-frequency (100 to 150 Khz) current that generates ozone are shot into the epidermis, which results in improved circulation and has antibacterial properties. This, coupled with facial cleansing and neutral facial peels, can help fight acne. The treatment must be repeated every month for best results.
While recurrent acne can be frustrating and demoralizing, you must keep your chin up and not stress. Remember that pimples feed on stress; they usually flee a happy face.