Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Condoms: Our Guide

Today love making and sexual activity is something people do not shy away from. It is the basic need and of course it enhances the love and bond between the partners. Some people have the notion that condoms do not enhance pleasure. Well, things have changed today and it really matters how to use condom.  Condom is the best w ay for safe sex and contraception. It is better to use it rather than repent later for sex. Condom can be the best defense against STDs and also it is the best contraceptive. But you should keep in mind a few things as to how you should keep and store and use the condoms.

Guide that you should keep in mind

  1. How to store: Condoms are quite sensitive to heat and thus if they are kept in too much hot area then it is likely to break. Thus the condoms should be stored in cool and dry place. Do not expose it to sun light. Also, keep it in wrapper till you use it. Also, while buying them check out the dates. If they are expired then do not buy such condoms.
  2. How to use:
  • If you are going to use sex toys then make sure you wear the condom and place it on the toy too. This is because the material might cause some issues if they touch the genitals.
  • If you are mutually masturbating with your partner then too wearing the condom would be safe.
  • If you are planning for oral sex or if there would be intercourse then jut before anything touches your genitals you should wear the condom. This is because fluids can cause STD or HIV and to seek protection from that condoms are of prime use.
  1. Open it correctly: while opening the wrapper you should tear it properly. If you are too passionate and by chance while tearing if the condom also tears then it would be of no use.
  2. Correct way to roll the condom: You should roll the condom properly and see that the edges are out. If the edges are in then you will feel that lips are smooth. That should not happen. The edges should be out. You should check them properly and then roll. You should wear the condom only when the penis is fully erect. This will help you in carrying it properly. Check if there is any air or something that has remained. If yes then remove all that. Wear the condom tightly on your penis.
  3. The right lube: While using latex condom you should not use oil based lubricants. This is because it might tear the condom. You should use water based gel only.
  4. Try and then buy big pack: You should try the small pack first. You will find a lot of varieties. Thus make sure that you first are comfortable with small pack and then only you will buy the large pack.

If you follow the above methods you can surely have the best time of your life.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Getting Down to It: First Time Bikini Line Waxing

What position should I be sitting in to do this? Will it be excruciating? Will it be worth it? These may the thoughts running through the mind of anyone who chooses to go in for bikini line waxing for the very first time. They are perfectly natural and if you are someone who decided to do it themselves to avoid the obvious embarrassment, you need to know the ropes of how to wax bikini line before you ever attempt it. This is not something you want to learn in a trial and error method. Here are some tips that will make you feel like a professional in no time.

How to Wax Bikini Line for Beginners

Preparing for Bikini Line Waxing: Make sure that the hair is of the right length – ideally ¼ inch. Use a trimmer or a pair of scissors to chop the hair down to size. You don't have to down with a ruler, but get approximately down to size. Test Veet® Wax Strips With Easy Grip™ - Bikini & Underarm – Sensitive Skin on a small area – I recommend the inner thigh region. Wait patiently for twenty four hours and if you find that there are no adverse reactions on the skin, move on to the next step. Wash yourself clean and pat the area completely dry. Make sure there is no oil, cream or deodorant on the area. If you have a low threshold for pain, consider taking an Ibuprofen half an hour before you start so that kicks in just in time.

Doing it: Sit on the floor with your knees slightly bent and your legs turned outward. Place the strip in the direction of the hair growth. Hold the skin taut as this will minimize pain and use the easy grip tab to pull it out in the direction opposite to that of the growth in one swift movement. Do not wax over the same area more than once. Repeat on an area that is away from the first while slowly moving in closer towards the middle. Use a perfect finish wipe on the region when you are done. Make sure to avoid creams or direct exposure to the sun. Avoid swimming for 24 hours after the waxing session.
You are likely to not see any regrowth for three to four weeks depending on how well you did first time. However, if you could not get it all out in one setting, do not reattempt before 72 hours. Give it a break before you try again. In time, you will surely be able to achieve perfect smoothness on your first attempt.

Show off the Perfect Thigh Brow

They say that the thigh gap is on its way out but the thigh brow is the next big beauty trend. For those who are blissfully unaware, the thigh brow refers to the crease between your upper thigh and torso when you bend your leg. While most articles on the trend talk about the exercises that will help you to attain the perfect thigh brow, what remains unsaid but implicit is that you would also have to sport a clean and perfectly epilated bikini line in order to reveal it. Many a ladies with the perfect crease may be scared to show it off because it would mean revealing their less than perfect bikini line. If you are avoiding a swim suit because you afraid of the razor cuts or wax burns, here is the perfect alternative for you – bikini depilatory cream. A word of caution – do not use any depilatory cream in the sensitive region, make sure it is one that is suitable for use in the bikini area.

Tips on Using a Bikini Depilatory Cream

Patch Test First: The first and most important step to using a depilatory cream like Veet® Hair Removal Cream – Legs & Body - Sensitive Skin on your bikini line is to first patch test it on a small area. Leave the area untouched for 24 hours and wait to see if the skin reacts adversely. If not, you can proceed on the rest of the area.

Do not keep it On Too Long: Do not exceed the total application time mentioned on the package. Different depilatory creams of even the same brand may require separate application time, so be sure to check the manual before you begin. Veet® Hair Removal Cream – Legs & Body - Dry Skin,  for instance, needs a maximum of 6 minutes of application time unlike the one mentioned above. Skin irritations are possible if you exceed the prescribed time, in which case medical attention must be sought.

Stay Clear of Your Genitals: No you cannot get a painless Brazilian with a bikini depilatory cream. It contents of the creams are not conducive to contact with the sensitive areas of the labia, so make sure that you keep your distance from that region when using a hair removal cream.
Follow the natural contours of the body which will give you a smooth and perfect thigh line worth showing off.