Monday, 4 January 2016

At What Age Do Periods Start

Did you know that while there is a positive correlation between a mother's menarcheal age and her daughter's? This means that is likely that you will start your menstrual cycle around the same time that your mother did. The current mean age of girls reaching menarche is 13 years according to the findings of a survey conducted by the faculty of medicine of the University of Jordan, Amman. However, if you are interested to know if you are approaching the age of menarche, there are distinct signs to let you know that the start of your periods is near. Here are some of them.

How to Tell You are Approaching Menarche

Menstruation is considered to be the completion of puberty. Therefore a good way to know that you are approaching menstruation is when you begin to see signs of puberty. However, keep in mind that puberty refers to a period of 3-5 years which end in menstruation. 

Development of Breasts: You will start to develop what is known as breast buds, which are small mounds beneath the nipples. Some girls experience pain and tenderness when their breasts begin to grow. However, it is important to start wearing a bra at this stage it will give the support that is needed for shapely development. You can expect to get your periods 2 years after your breasts begin to grow.

Pubic Hair: You find curly hair growing in parts of your body that had none before. It will first begin to grow in your pubic area and then in your armpits. This is an indication that your body is preparing itself for menstruation.  In some girls this happens before the development of breasts, which means that you are still 2 – 3 years away from menarche age.

Vaginal Discharge: If you begin to notice yellow or white stains in your panties, know that it is perfectly normal. The fluid may cloudy or whitish, or it may be clear. Either way, it is being produced because you are fast approaching menarche. When a girl gets discharge, it is likely that she will begin to menstruate in 6 to 18 months.

Therefore, while the age at which you begin to menstruate may depend on a variety of factors, like genetics and your general health, you will probably begin to notice signs of puberty by the time you reach your tenth birthday. You know your periods will follow soon after and with it a new stage of your life.