Thursday, 21 January 2016

Banish Your Warts With Simple Methods

The warts on your skin may be harmless, but some of them can create problems. We suggest a few ways to get rid of them.

Of all the growths on human skin, warts are probably the most embarrassing ones. They completely break your appearance, and they are the first thing anybody will notice about you. The warts that appear on the skin are the worst, because they are an instant attention-getter. 

More often than not, the wart on your skin may be harmless. Most warts appear on the skin and are completely painless. However, some warts are red, tender and painful to the touch – these are the ones that need immediate medical investigation. Some warts appear like pus-filled boils and may even bleed on breaking. These are symptomatic of a serious illness and must be shown to the doctor at once.

However, if you suffer from painless warts, there are a few ways to get rid of them permanently. You just need to know what these are how to remove warts using them. Try these remedies:

Aspirin tablet: Crush an Aspirin tablet and mix it with a teaspoon of water. Apply this paste to the wart every day. Within a few days, the wart will begin to dry up. Soon, it will dry out completely and fall off the skin. Use an anti-bacterial cream at the site for a couple of days after the wart has withered away.

Hydrogen peroxide and soda bicarbonate: A slightly stronger remedy than the one listed above goes thus: mix half teaspoon of soda bicarbonate with two or three drops of hydrogen peroxide. Add a pinch of salt to the mixture and apply to the wart twice a day. The wart begins to wither away in a couple of days and will soon disappear.

Duct tape: Tape the wart using a square piece of duct tape. Cover the wart completely and tightly. Leave the tape on for a week. After this, remove the tape and you will see that the wart has diminished in size and is also rough to the touch. File the top of the wart with an emery board and apply an alcohol-based antiseptic on it to kill it off completely.

Garlic: Garlic is a potent remedy for wart removal. Slice a clove of garlic and crush it till the juice runs out. Apply the juice on the wart directly twice a day. You can even mash a clove of garlic and apply the mash on the wart, holding it in place with surgical tape. The wart will wither and die in a week.

Squaric acid: When all else fails, use this remedy: squaric acid is an ingredient found in topical skin creams that are used as anti-bacterial unguents for warts. It dries out warts completely in a matter of weeks and keeps the site free of further growths.