Thursday, 21 January 2016

Removing Acne Scars Easily And Naturally

Banish your acne scars with the wonders of kitchen ingredients and regular cleansing.

Your skin is the mirror to your health and lifestyle. When you see a woman with glowing skin, you cannot help but think ‘She must use the right skin products. She possibly gets a lot of exercise and sleep as well.’ Then you take a look at your own dull countenance in the mirror and your eyes quickly fixate on your skin’s biggest flaw: its acne scars.

It is vexing to note that not only does acne appear at will on your skin, it also does not depart without leaving traces. Acne scars can be extremely unbecoming and they can sap your confidence. Often appearing as dark spots or pits on the skin, most women despair over them and head to professional skin experts for acne scar removal treatments. But before you take the help of a dermatologist, you can try a few ways to minimise the appearance of acne scars on the skin. 

You can find some wonderful ingredients in your pantry in your quest for the perfect acne scar removal solution. However, two things to note before you begin are:

1) Cleanse and moisturise the skin every day. Clean and hydrated skin does not develop acne easily.

2) Never pick at your acne or forcibly remove it using your fingernails. This will result in pitting on the skin which requires professional skin treatments to even out.

Try the following acne scar removal tips at home:

* Lemon juice. Lemon juice contains mild bleaching properties. These are helpful in lightening dark patches and acne scars on the skin’s surface. Moisten a cotton pad with fresh lemon juice and apply it all over the skin. Wash off after 30 minutes with cold water. Your acne scars will diminish over time. However, do not use lemon juice over broken or irritated skin.

* Tomato juice. Like lemon juice, tomato juice also lightens the skin. It also shows excellent hydrating and cleansing properties, which help the skin rebuild itself and become healthier. Mash an overripe tomato and apply the juice or pulp all over the skin. Wash with cold water when dry. 

* Turmeric. Many ancient cultures around the world used some form of turmeric (powder or paste) in beauty treatments. Turmeric shows excellent anti-bacterial properties to keep your skin healthy, and it is also beneficial in lightening the skin. However, you must take care not to apply turmeric directly to the skin or it will leave a yellow pallor even after washing. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a face pack for the best results.

* Green clay and rose water. Apart from your other acne scar reduction remedies, you can help balance the skin’s moisture and oil levels with an excellent face pack made of green clay and rose water. This pack also helps lighten acne scars and reduces the appearance of acne on the skin. Mix the required quantity of clay with enough rose water to make a thick paste. Apply evenly all over the skin and leave on for 30 minutes. Wipe off gently with a wet sponge. Use this pack once a week for best results.