Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Remove Pimples By Caring For Your Skin

You will not face the problem of pimples if you care for your skin adequately. Here are a few tips to achieve healthy, pimple-free skin.

Of all the skin problems that annoy and pester constantly, pimples surely rank really high. Though pimples are not as troublesome as acne, they can take away from your overall appearance. Most people equate pimply skin with lack of health and hygiene – and who wants to give that impression, right?

Pimples are easy to eliminate if your skin is properly pampered and cared for throughout the year. You will notice a higher incidence of pimples when the weather gets warmer and makes your skin oilier. Or you can get pimples simply as a response to stress and lack of sleep. Pimples are mostly caused by clogged pores, accumulated dirt on the skin’s surface and excess secretion of oil resulting in grime being trapped on the skin.

You will not get pimples if your skin is clean and healthy all year. You must know how to get rid of pimples safely and naturally, but first, you must know how to prevent their occurrence. Here are a few ways to achieve that fresh-faced, pimple free look that you covet:

Cleanse and moisturise. There is no compromise on this: you must cleanse and moisturise your skin every day. Following this ritual removes all surface impurities, cleans out the pores and lets the skin breathe. The skin is more hydrated and its tissues become plump and firm, thus reducing fine lines and the incidence of pimples.

Steam the skin. Despite your best efforts (using cleaners, washing the face with foam, et al) your skin still becomes grubby and attracts bacterial growth. This soon gives rise to pimples. Do not let dirt and dead cells sit on your skin – steam your face once a week and wipe it off afterwards with cotton pads. Steaming unclogs the pores and eliminates trapped dirt and excess sebum.

Apply acidic juices. Pimples react adversely to acidic substances. Hence, you should apply the juice of such fruits as lemons and oranges on the face once a day to keep pimples at bay. You can also grate or crush a clove of garlic and apply the juice on the pimple. These juices help dry out the pimples from the root without leaving a scar.

Use homemade scrubs and masks. Homemade materials are best when you’re fighting skin issues – they are never harsh on the skin and they do not show side effects. In the fight against pimples, homemade scrubs (using oats and milk, for example) and masks (using tomato or papaya mash) are the best weapons. They gently cleanse the skin’s surface while providing essential hydration for the skin to renew itself and fight pimples better.

Drink plenty of water. Ultimately, pimples are caused often by an excess secretion of sebum and a lack of hydration in the skin. When the skin is parched, it cannot slough off dead skin cells or renew itself as quickly as it should. Thus, it becomes prone to pimples and other skin issues. Take away the stress in your skin – drink at least eight glasses of water per day and see how your skin responds with glowing radiance!