Thursday, 31 March 2016

10 Useful Parachute Coconut Oil Hair Massage Tips

Too many products would come and go every so often for treating women’s hair loss issues and some other issues related to hair. But only few products will make some sense to women and do the needful to women. Among that, parachute coconut oil is the one. Women might have thought that, coconut oil is a commonly available product and that does not going to make any wonders to them. If you think like this, then I would say that, you are highly mistaken. Since, coconut oil is capable enough to make some wonders to women if they are concerned about their hair issues.
Massaging is the ultimate solution which can overcome any kind of hair issues. If massaging is about to be done with parachute coconut oil, I am sure, you will get double benefits. Now, I am going to explain you 10 useful massage tips, just read on.
1)      You have to massage your hair with good quality coconut oil. Being it available easily, you at times might get fake or false products. So, it would be better if you buy the bottled oil with label. Make sure that, whether or not the oil is a parachute brand. Since, parachute oil has already proved that it is good quality oil.

2)       Rather simply massaging your scalp with coconut oil, it would be good if you wash your hair before started to massage. Washing your hair will drain out the dirts, pollens and some other things which are sticking on your scalp. At times, the dusts might disturb your massaging process.

3)      While washing your hair, you have to use hot water or boiled water. Since, that water will kill the germs or other bacteria sticking on to your hair. Make sure that, your scalp is clean while you are about to massage your scalp with coconut oil.

4)      Rather just applying the raw coconut oil on your scalp, it would be better if you heat the coconut oil. If you use hot coconut oil for massaging, you will get limitless benefits. That is, your blood circulation will be enhanced, the hot oil will kill the germs and more. But you should not over heat the oil. Rather, the oil should be heated mildly which should not cause irritations on your scalp.

5)      Your hair should be in damp condition rather than dry. Dampness will help you to get the massage done quickly.

6)      You have to start massaging your scalp or root in a clockwise motion. It is advisable to use your fingers for massaging rather some stick or rod.

7)      Once you are done with coconut oil massage, you have to wrap your hair using a towel and let it be for some minutes. You should not let your hairs in an open condition once after massage is done.

8)      Use a mild or chemical free shampoo to wash your hair. You should wash your hair thoroughly with warm water.

9)      Now, dry your hair.

10)   Repeat the process at least once after every week to get strong hairs.