Sunday, 13 March 2016

The skin care routine to follow in Dubai

The hot temperatures, constant exposure to air-conditioning and many other factors can cause skin problems. We offer some respite for a few of the most common skin issues.

Living in Dubai is a dream come true, but it can become a veritable nightmare for your precious skin! The hot climate, temperature fluctuations, sandstorms and constant air conditioning in enclosed spaces can take some getting used to. Collectively, these combine to make your skin dull, oily and prone to a variety of skin problems.

Women who have only recently moved to Dubai will experience more skin issues than others, but it is true that every woman living in the city has faced skin problems at some point. We offer a few tips for skin care in Dubai:

* Drink a lot of water. Almost every enclosed space in Dubai, including homes, has air conditioning. While one gets used to the cold temperature after a while, the AC can dry out your skin in no time. Trying to counteract the drying effects of the AC by drinking a lot of water constantly makes you want to visit the restroom often! While we recommend that you sip water every few minutes in an air-conditioned environment, it is also advisable to slather your skin with moisturiser first thing in the morning. It will keep your skin hydrated and prevent dryness.

* Eat hydrating fruits and vegetables. The hot temperatures strip away the skin’s moisture. You can combat this phenomenon by eating a hydrating and nutritious diet comprising fresh fruits and vegetables. Help your body eject toxins by having fruit smoothies, and drink green tea for a dose of antioxidants daily. Have raw vegetable salads with a light drizzling of olive oil – these are easy to digest and help the kidneys and liver work well. Having a light, nutritious diet will rev up your metabolism and keep your skin healthy.

* Follow a daily skin care routine. A good skin care routine for Dubai includes cleansing, toning and moisturising. Start the day with a mild cleanser, non alcohol-based toner and moisturiser. If you notice skin ageing signs like age spots and fine lines, you can apply a light anti-ageing serum or cream overnight. Be sure to clean away any traces of make-up at night, or your skin will break out into pimples the next morning. It is recommended to take a shower with warm water to remove traces of perfume and pollutants on the skin before going to bed.

* Use the right products. Many women make the mistake of using strong soaps and face wash on their oily skin. This only makes the skin oilier, since it tries to compensate for the loss of sebum and moisture with more sebum. It also opens the skin’s pores, making the skin prone to oiliness and blackheads. Instead, use a dermatologist-recommended astringent that will close the skin’s pores. Purchase skin care products after studying their composition and whether they suit your skin type. 

* Never step out without sunscreen. The sunlight is harsh and unforgiving in Dubai. Try and avoid being out of doors during the daylight hours to minimise chances of tanning and heat rash. Apply sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 and above every time you step out of the house to eliminate sun-related skin damage and faster ageing.

* Trust a reputed dermatologist. The skin’s overall health is a complex matter that can be understood only by an experienced dermatologist. The doctor can advise you on daily skin care, recommend lifestyle changes for better skin health and also help you with the right skin treatments to restore your skin’s beauty.