Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Top Must Try Transitional Road Trips in Saudi Arabia

Surprising but true, although 98% of Saudi Arabia is indeed covered with deserts and sand dunes, these arid environs are not all that the country has to offer! There is much more to this exciting destination, including some stunning beaches and intriguing wildlife adventures. All you need is a comfortable SUV like the 2016 FJ Cruiser for hitting the road and exploring the gorgeous diversity. Here are the top transitional road trips you must try.

Glorious Road Trips through Saudi Arabia

·         Saudi to Oman: This one is the longest among the road trips you can make within the country and satisfies your serious wanderlust. Once you have a comfortable SUV to rely on, there is no stopping you. And the 2016 FJ Cruiser offers ample leg room for such long journeys and could be a thoughtful choice for fellow passengers on your expeditions. Pass through the glorious metropolis of the UAE and explore coastal towns, imposing mountain ranges and exciting natural reserves before entering the eclectic city of Oman. Enigmatic desert terrains welcome you as you proceed to explore the country.

·         Saudi to Jordan: If you are yearning to embark upon the quintessential road trip, this is the one. With three border points to pass through and mesmerizing roadside scenery, this is one of the most exciting, fulfilling and varied road trips you can take. The most enigmatic sandstone structures wait on you, which make for gorgeous photo ops. However, it is important to remember that the route is devoid of cities or metropolitan centres for most part. Therefore, traveling in a vehicle with plenty of storage space and stocking up well on reserves is a good idea. 

·         Saudi to the UAE: The important Middle Eastern cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are in the UAE. Therefore, this trip would naturally be an important one. The historic wells in the city of Al Kharj will be a worthy stopover. Once you reach the UAE, the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are sure to mesmerize you. These cities are best explored in your own vehicle, owing to the high cost of transportation here. Besides, something like a 2016 FJ Cruiser will succeed in making a style statement too.

·         Saudi to Bahrain: This route includes the very interesting King Fahd Causeway. It twists and turns as it passes through the sea, offering you the best views of the Arabian Sea. It is advisable to avoid the peak time rush hours however, as traffic jams could take up all your time.

Remember, the best way to explore any country is to hit the road. And with a comfortable SUV at hand, there should be no stopping you.