Monday, 28 March 2016

What is The Scenario in Bahrain Like in Terms of Job Opportunities?

The number of expat workers in Bahrain increased six percent in the first quarter of 2015, said a July 2015 post on During the same period the number of Bahraini workers increased by just 2 percent, said the same source. The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands, just off the cost of Saudi Arabia. It was one of the first GCC countries to explore oil and setup a refinery. However, over time, it has diversified to include other sectors as a significant part of its economic development.

Career Opportunities in Bahrain

Expats are attracted to job offers in Bahrain due to various favourable factors, such as the relaxed tax laws, westernized lifestyle, favourable visa provisions, low cost of living and so on. There is no personal income tax, which broadens your opportunity to earn more. The general laws of the country are quite liberal, compared to other GCC countries. For instance, this is one country where you can eat pork and buy alcohol from licensed counters. Gambling is also allowed. If you are looking for job offers in Bahrain, here is what you can expect.
·         Financial Services – The financial sector is 40 years old and quite developed. Career opportunities in this sector include relationship managers, research executives, accountants, bankers and so on.
·         Business Services – With the growth in foreign investment and establishment of new businesses, new jobs in business services, such as auditing, accounting, business relations and client management, have sprung up.
·         Health Care – A career in the healthcare sector may include appointments as caregivers, doctors, nurses, as well as non-medical related work.
·         Infrastructure – In this sector, you can find jobs in real estate, as engineers, architects, designers and agents.
·         Education and Skills – The country has a well established education sector. In fact, it was one of the first GCC countries to establish a proper education system. Jobs in this sector may include career as educators, administrators and managers.
·         Manufacturing – Jobs in this sector may be in the manufacturing and sale of FMCG, durable and luxury goods.

To obtain a work visa, you must have a confirmed job offer in Bahrain. However, you may visit the country with a tourist visa to know more about the ground reality. Most expats working in the country are either recruited outside or through an agency. However, spouses of expats working in Bahrain may find work directly. Once you are recruited, your employer will help you get a resident visa.