Friday, 22 April 2016

Picking the right incontinence underwear

Are you happy with the incontinence underwear you currently use? If not, it’s time to switch to a better alternative.

Most people who suffer from urinary incontinence and sudden leakages deal with the problem in stoic silence. Not wishing to embarrass their family and friends, they curtail all social activities and always stay close to places that have easy access to a restroom. Long drives, lunches with friends, drinks with the partner, movie dates with their children…all of these become memories of the past as they choose to stay home.

But urine leakage and incontinence need not spell the end of an active life. In fact, it need not take away from one’s quality of life in the least. For this, it is important to use the right incontinence products so that the person may develop the confidence to venture out of the house again. With time, the person may remain out of doors for longer periods of time, getting back to the life he or she was familiar with.

Most people buy adult diapers to deal with sudden urine leakages. These are shaped and worn like underwear, and are often generically referred to as ‘depend underwear. They are highly absorbent and rapidly soak away the leaked urine. They may be made of rubber and lined with absorbent straps on the inside, or have adhesive belts to hold an absorbent pad in place. Other kinds of depend underwear feature a stretchable belt with a pad slung on the underside – the pad can be adjusted by pulling on the belt as per waist and hip girth. These can be worn with or without the usual underwear.

Whatever the kind of incontinence underwear you choose, it must be pliable, soft and highly absorbent. The material normally used is cotton because it is soft and non-irritating to the skin. The skin that the underwear comes in contact with is quite delicate, and prolonged contact with the incontinence product can cause chafing and reddening. Irritated skin might also develop its own set of infections.

Long use of the same incontinence product is not recommended. Though the product absorbs urine and repels it away from the skin, it is still present in the underwear and must be discarded soon. You may choose to wear long stay underwear when on a drive or during a flight, but for other occasions, you can opt for disposable underwear. This type of underwear is to be worn for short durations only, and discarded after a single use. 

You can also use skin creams and lotions that soothe irritation and chafing. Special absorbent powders also help keep the dampness at bay. All in all, the product you choose must keep you comfortable and must be invisible at all times.