Monday, 18 April 2016

Why do I need a skin tonic?

A variety of factors will necessitate the usage of special skin rejuvenating serums. The question is: Do you need one, and why?

Time waits for no man (or woman). It marches on, pulling everything in its path onward. Every person ages, every person starts looking and feeling older. Time also leaves an indelible mark on people – it changes their appearance, starts diseases and disorders in the body and affects their psyche.
If aging and stress are claiming your skin for its own, you might need to use special skin creams and serums to replenish its lost beauty. Your dermatologist might recommend that you use a skin rejuvenating serum to restore hydration and radiance. A look in your mirror will also confirm the need for such a serum. Here’s why you need it:

* Aging. Aging causes a host of skin issues. It starts by crippling the skin’s ability to repair damaged skin’s cells and create new ones. This has a direct bearing on the skin’s appearance and ability to deal with aging. The skin becomes dull, develops age spots and fine lines, apart from becoming increasingly oily and lifeless. A skin rejuvenating serum inhibits the signs of aging and helps the skin repair and renew itself faster.

* Stress. Stress is a primary factor causing many skin problems. It can cause an increased incidence of acne, higher breakouts, increased oiliness and even discolouration. Stress interferes with the normal restorative processes of skin, thus causing all of these problems. A skin rejuvenating serum calms the skin’s tissues, increases blood flow to the skin and improves its ability to slough off impurities.

* Restorative functions. As mentioned earlier, a skin rejuvenating serum helps restore the skin’s hydration levels and renewal ability. Aided by sufficient rest, healthy diet, exercise and lots of water drunk throughout the day, the serum is able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and moisturise parched tissues. The tissues are plumped up and able to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Meanwhile, with hydration levels restored, the skin is able to combat skin problems and infections better.

* Better skin care while sleeping. Getting sufficient amounts of rest is important for healthy skin. You will notice how your skin glows after a good night’s rest. This is because the skin repairs and heals itself while you sleep. You can aid the skin’s natural renewing regimen with a good skin serum that accelerates the repair process.

* No need for cosmetic treatments. Often, the skin merely needs a boost to perform its repair and restorative functions well. A skin serum offers this boost. If the skin performs to optimum levels, it is able to retard the signs and symptoms of aging, combat stress and injury, and also replenish lost hydration levels much faster. This results in smooth, younger looking skin free of lines, wrinkles and age spots. Radiant, youthful skin does not need cosmetic treatments for a long time.