Thursday, 19 May 2016

Have warts? No problem

You do not need to bear the embarrassment of warts any more. We present easy fixes to remove your warts.

You love everything about your appearance – after all, you take great pains to make sure that your hair is styled right, your skin is glowing and your clothes sport the latest trends. You receive compliments galore for the way you dress and present yourself. 

And then something happens and you get really depressed over it – you develop a wart on your cheek, and it’s the first thing anybody now sees!

While they are terrible to look at and seriously embarrassing, warts are actually harmless most of the time. They are generally painless and may appear in ones or twos. Most people who develop warts might have just one of them anywhere on the body. However, watch out for entire clusters of warts developing on the skin, because this means that you need to see a doctor pronto!

Though they may be painless to the touch, warts should ideally not appear on the skin at all. Their presence indicates that the skin has developed – and is currently harbouring – the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that causes warts to appear on the skin. If the HPV spreads on the skin unabated, it may cause clusters of warts to appear. You need to worry when this happens, or when the wart is sore and painful. Some warts also ooze out a clear fluid – this is indicative of a deeper disorder within.

But while all of this is absorbing information, you just want to know how to remove warts. This query is easily answered if you take one basic principle into account: since warts are caused by the HPV, it is important to kill off the HPV so that warts may also disappear. Any wart removal technique must be focussed on this fact. However, the HPV is a resilient virus and it often reappears within a few days in some cases. Also, warts removed might reappear at the same site in a few days. Hence, the wart removal process must ensure that the HPV at the site is eliminated completely.

* It is possible to eliminate the HPV – and hence the warts – by drying it out. Try fermenting the wart with a hot compress at least twice a day. The HPV will fizzle out and the wart will flatten and shed.

* You can kill the HPV and the wart(s) by applying acidic substances to the site. Try the juice of lemons, tomatoes or simply vinegar on the wart and on the surrounding skin. You will notice that the wart begins to reduce in size and darkens. Continuing this remedy will ensure that the wart dries out completely and falls off.

* It is easy to remove a wart with a narrow base – simply twine a fine thread or a hair around the base. You will notice that the thread or hair becomes slack in a couple of days – this means that the wart has reduced in size. Tighten it further and repeat till the wart sheds on its own. This technique starves the wart of blood circulation, killing it gradually.

* If you are too squeamish to deal with your wart yourself, ask your doctor for wart removal medication, or to surgically remove the wart. Post the removal, the site must be kept clean and infection-free. Once the site dries, apply lemon juice to it every day to prevent a recurrence of HPV.