Tuesday, 28 June 2016

3 Biggest Enemies of a Clean House

The home and personal care markets have seen immense growth in last few years, especially in Saudi Arabia, along with the other Gulf countries. People are buying more and more products to make sure their home looks its best. Most of us think that the biggest challenge to maintaining a clean house is the constant invasion of dirt and dust but this may not be true always. Yes, the reality is that it is the people who are more responsible for a messy house. In fact, we lovingly give shelter to the biggest enemies of a clean house, while wondering where all that clutter came from and how to remove carpet stains. Don’t agree? Read on.

Biggest Reasons for a Messy Home

  1. Small Kids: Don't go by their cuteness. They may look innocent but they can come up with the most ingenious ways to spread dirt and mayhem! From spilling everything from milk to paint, leaving melting chocolates on the couch to learning how to draw on the walls, messing up a clean home is second nature to them. And each time they come back from playing outside, they bring in all sorts of dirt with them. But then they are the apple of our eye and we love them to bits. So, make sure you start teaching them about hygiene and cleanliness early and learn how to remove carpet stains so that you can undo all the damage till they grow up enough to take responsibility. Don't be too hard on them for creating a mess, handle it with grace and care.

  1. Pets: If your kids are your most prized possessions, then pets are the second most prized possessions. It is unthinkable to get rid of your dog or cat only because they make a mess, right? But there are things that you can do to housebreak them, train them not to destroy the home too much and spend a little more time and effort in cleaning the home. One thing that can help you bring back that new and clean look to your furnishings is Vanish Oxi Action Carpet and Upholstery Spray, which also keeps your carpet fresh and clean.

  1. Guests: You know what is worse than pets? Guests! At least, you can ask your pet to behave! If someone pays you a visit, it becomes more of a liability than responsibility. They all want comfort but do not treat your house like their own. But if you are a party person and love to have frequent visitors, you better learn how to remove carpet stains!

Doesn't matter how much trouble a kid, pet or guest can be, there are moments we can't help but adore them, which makes all the trouble worth it. Just make sure that you keep your home inviting for them.