Thursday, 30 June 2016

Excellence in business banking in the Middle East

Every business requires a set of reliable financing solutions that helps it meet its financial goals quickly and with the lowest turnaround time. Time, security and ease are important benchmarks for companies wanting to transact with other businesses, pay office staff and vendors and make important business purchases. As such, the finance channels of any company must be secure and backed by an experienced financial institution that can provide money solutions as well as monitor financial processes for the company.
Having capital at hand helps companies plan their short term and long term goals, procure machinery and skilled manpower, expand into other territories and even acquire smaller businesses to enlarge its portfolio.
Banks and financial institutions often provide the resources that help companies expand their scope of operations for a variety of requirements. However, it is key to select a bank that provides a gamut of exceptional financing products and services that bolster the company’s performance and portfolio.
Islamic banks are feted year on year for their diverse range of customer-centred products, but truly excel in the field of providing financial products and services to businesses in the UAE. The Bank’s Murabaha and Ijarah products are designed to meet a range of businesses’ needs: from sourcing working capital to offering trade finance solutions. 
Banks  backed by Islamic benefit from its inter-city presence in three prominent locations in the UAE, apart from its nine branches spread out all over Dubai. However, it also offers a range of business accounts which can be opened and closed quite easily without wasting much business time and without too much paperwork. Apart from these, there are many options in transaction banking (from fund transfers to issuing standing orders for payments, and from making Wakala Agreement for investment to creating salary accounts for employees) and trade services as well (from issuing Letter of Credit to shipping guarantees). The Bank also rises above other banks and financial institutions in the area of business banking for start-ups and e-commerce platforms.
Islamic banks offer an interactive web platform for online banking and money transfer, as also excellent solutions for businesses requiring assistance in the arena of Wages Protection System (WPS).