Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Healthy Sex benefits: How it helps in relationship

Sex is one of the most pleasing and enjoyable activity which brings two people together, make a beautiful bind in between them and develop love. It is very important that both the partners are enjoying in this activity, feeling satisfied and love is growing which can be possible if the couple indulges in healthy sex. Sex is not about forcing the other person for pleasure or merely doing it without any interest; it is about bringing people together and keeping the body healthy and live. Doctor’s have given a whole bunch of list of benefits of healthy sex especially for the couples who want to keep the intimacy strong and passion alive, let’s have a brief look on it:

*      Look Thinner: This one is for the ladies out there who are working out tirelessly. Indulging in sex which is healthy and safe makes a lady look thinner as there are calories burned in the activity.
*      Heart Health: Having sex minimum twice a week reduces the chances of any kind of heart problem. It is an exercise that raises the heart rate and blood flow which makes the heart healthy and pumps blood in a swift manner.
*      Sleep: It is a proven fact that after having sex, couples like to cuddle and have the best night sleep ever. After a physical activity full of love and passion, a good night sleep is an add-on.
*      Immune System: It is said that when a couple works out together stay healthy together. Similarly having sex in a healthy way with better positions and keeping all the health measure in mind, a couple feels alive and it also in turns strengthens the immune system.
*      Healthier Skin: Everybody is aware that having sex leads more healthy and glowing skin. A couple who is indulged regularly tends to have a very healthy and shining skin away from any pain and decreases depression.
*      Stress Relief: The best medicines for excessive stress is just close the door and have some sex. Many couples follow this formula which in turn increases the romance and passion in them, the bond becomes stronger and fights are nowhere to be seen.
*      Toned Body: Strong sex is one of the reasons of toned and beautiful physique. It is like doing cardio and burning lots and lots of calories in a more interesting and pleasurable way.
*      Kills Boredom: Practicing safe sex takes away all the stress and boredom from the relationship and makes a couple more strong and romantic. Trying different flavours in sex can increase the passion and enjoyment in the love making. 

So, to summarize, sex is one of the vital parts of every person’s life and enjoying it in a healthier way makes it beneficial as well. Relationships are made of trust and love where both the partners understand each other and do all the things for happiness, then why not practice safe and healthy sexual intercourse and enjoy all the benefits throughout the life.