Thursday, 2 June 2016

How Pleasure Gel can Improve your Sex Life?

Has your wife started showing withdrawal symptoms and avoiding or always putting off sex for the next week? Or, does your girlfriend complain of discomfort while you guys engage in sex of late? If yes, your better half might be suffering from lack of arousal. Some of you might have also attempted to ignite the sexual desire in your women with some sex toys – but then, they haven’t really helped!
Now, please do not be anxious because when there is a will, there is certainly a way. Why not buy your woman an inexpensive lubricant that has the potential to transform her sex life significantly?
A pleasure gel goes a long way in stimulating hormones and making your lady always ready for sex. Continue reading to know how pleasure gels can improve your sex life:

#1. Water-Based Lubricants:
Water-based pleasure gels are the most popular as they are the safest. They can also be utilized really safely with latex condoms. They greatly nourish the vagina and makes it really flexible.

Moreover, using water-based gels would make you feel that you are lubricated naturally, especially in your vagina. They can be easily washed after application and leaves your skin beautiful and silky.

#2. Silicone Lubricants:
Have you used silicone-based gels before? Do use them, for just like water-based lubricants, they are absolutely safe if they are utilized with latex condoms. Also, it has a moisturizing effect on the skin.

I am sure your dear one would love you for buying it for her!

#3. Oil-Based Lubricants:

You might also suggest an oil-based lubricant for your partner. This is because such gels last for a longer duration during a sexual intercourse. In addition, they are creamier and thicker than regular pleasure gels. Applying such lubricants would make it easier for your girlfriend to enjoy sex.

Also, they can be safely used even during masturbation.

The only disadvantage of these types of lubricants is that they are not safe to be utilized along with latex condoms. You should bear this mind while using such products.

#4. Petroleum-Based Lubricants:

You would also come across petroleum-based lubricants in the market. However, I would suggest you to steer clear of such products.  This is because your partners would find it tough to wash it off. It might also cause irritation to the private parts of your women, since it might change the pH of your lady’s vagina.
Moreover, they are known to damage latex condoms.
You can squeeze out a small amount of pleasure gel in your hands, instead of opting for direct application on your private parts. However, most pleasure gels are available in small tubes. This eases the process of application to your genitals.

Invest in a good research on the web and go for the pleasure gel that compliments your tastes and sexual issues. Remember, a good pleasure gel can catapult the sexual excitement up several notches, thereby offering you some of the most fulfilling moments of your life that you would hold close to your heart forever!