Saturday, 11 June 2016

Sequoia: Toyota's Larger Than Life SUV

When it comes to large body utility vehicles, Toyota rules the roost. The Sequoia is currently the largest SUV being manufactured by Toyota. First launched in 2000, this vehicle is based on the earlier Tundra and shared much of the Tundra's parts bin, such as engine, body panels, chassis and interiors. When it was first introduced, it was actually longer than the best-selling Land Cruiser and was fitted with an ultra-low emission V8 engine, providing more than adequate grunt.
Revamped in 2008, the Sequoia was upgraded by Toyota with independent rear suspension with double wishbone suspension, unlike the vehicles developed under the IMV platform, which use semi-independent rear suspension. The difference, owing more to the sporty nature of the vehicle, allows it to traverse rough terrain with ease. The current electronically modulated air suspension in the Platinum model allows the driver to adjust the ride height to optimize vehicular control.
The trusty V8 engine offers loads of grunt with over 300 horsepower to deal with mountainous roads and the combination of a six-speed gearbox ensures that it can easily maintain a quiet power delivery that is ideal for long hauls on the highway. 

Always Room for More

Inside, the truck-sized interior can easily accommodate eight passengers in comfort and the second row of seats can slide and recline. There is even a version where the second row seats are captain’s chairs, which offer more comfort but reduce the overall number of passengers to seven. The boot offers 18.9 cubic feet of storage and with the third row of seats folded, this increases to 66.6 cubic feet. If you fold the second row of seats as well, cargo space jumps to the best-in-class 120.1 cubic feet.
Standard interior equipment on the latest versions includes Bluetooth, USB port, eight-speaker stereo sound that can be upgraded to a 14 speaker JBL system, a six-inch touch screen for infotainment and a Blu-Ray rear seat entertainment console. Driving comfort is taken care of by precise steering, front and rear parking sensors and blind spot monitoring. Passengers are treated to a number of storage spaces for small items and the front glove compartment is a dual-level space while the second row has a center console featuring extra storage space, cup holders and heated seat controls.
If you are still not satisfied, there is a handy roof rack with cross bars. Feel like towing a trailer? Well, the Sequoia from Toyota is rated for a 7,500 lb towing capacity with a nifty feature that controls trailer sway by applying braking pressure on individual wheels to maintain control over the trailer in gusty winds.

Clearly, this is a vehicle that can handle everything that is thrown at it as well as anything that you might want to throw in it. The caravan like interior offers enough comfort and room to make it the king of road as far as SUVs are concerned.