Saturday, 11 June 2016

Toyota Fortuner: Why is it the Best SUV Ever?

There are a few sure-fire winners in the automobile world. These are vehicles that have offered cross-category advantages that have endeared them to people from various walks of life. The secret of a successful automobile is in its genetics and the genetic makeup of this long-standing favorite is excellent. Born from the innovative Toyota Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle (IMV) platform in Thailand, the IMV platform also spawned the Hilux pickup truck and the Innova. The first generation Fortuner was a car released in 2005, tested by Thai and Japanese engineers, with later inputs from Toyota Australia. Engine volumes range from 2 to 4 litres and variable valve timing, as well as common rail diesel turbocharger options.

The Incredibly Versatile SUV

There is an old debate that suggests that it is not possible to derive the complete gamut of motoring fun from just one car. The Fortuner is different. The explosion of the SUV category seems to have burst that bubble and offer the same versatile range of applications that one has grown to expect from objects such as Swiss army knives!
Along with the Land Cruiser, the Toyota Fortuner has successfully lent itself to a variety of military uses and it is possible to upgrade the vehicle with security and armour, such as bulletproofing. The rugged drive offers excellent off-road abilities that have been proven themselves in military operations over decades and across numerous terrains and countries of the world. This vehicle is equally at home on the rough as it is on the smooth.
Clearly, the beauty is more than skin deep and on a smooth stretch of highway, give the vehicle plenty of headroom ahead and the sheer brute strength of the engine comes to the forefront, with everything from climbing steep slopes to day-long driving at sustained high speeds seeming like child's play.
Speaking of child's play, there is ample room in the cabin of this 7-seater to accommodate the entire family, with a few relatives thrown in too. The aforementioned grunt and capable suspension take in all the shakes and rattles that might interfere with the smooth ride of the occupants. A fact that makes this vehicle a favourite choice as an urban people’s transport vehicle as well.

Numerous industries and organizations rely on the Fortuner to get their staff and employees to and from the workplace and their homes. Obviously, taxi operators were the first to catch on to this USP and those looking for a roomy, comfortable car to be chauffeured soon followed suit. Currently, the Fortuner car enjoys the trust of millions worldwide, making it still the best SUV till date.