Monday, 25 July 2016

Beach Destinations in Saudi Arabia

The birth place of Islam, Saudi Arabia is a top tourist destination. Traditionally, most visitors were pilgrims, but there has been a shift recently. In 2012, around 12.3 million people visited this Middle Eastern country, making it the 19th most visited country of the world. Other than the religious and heritage spots, the KSA also offers some of the finest beaches in the world. This is why it is recommended to prepare yourself before visiting the country. Make sure you are all set to beat the heat and hit the beaches with underarm waxing. Along with the finest beaches, the nation also offers a variety of cuisine, making it a perfect place for a family vacation.

Must Visit Beaches in Saudi Arabia

  1. Farasan Island Beach: If you are not a big fan of crowds and are genuinely looking for a nice peaceful vacation, this beach is the perfect destination for you. Its sugar-fine sand and clear warm water will leave you awestruck. You can take a free ferry from Jizan to this island. Once you visit this place, you won’t feel like returning home.

  1. Half Moon Beach: This beach is located in Al Kobar region of Saudi Arabia. Blessed with clear water and golden sand, it is a top attraction for tourists to the country. It is home to many restaurants that serve a variety of Arabic delicacies. It also has entertainment zones for kids and adults, making it a perfect place for a family vacation.

  1. Azizia Beach: Located right at the center of the popular city of Dammam, Azizia is a major attraction for people visiting this Gulf country. Its crystal clear water makes it a perfect place for underwater activities. Diving and swimming are popular here. So, make sure you get rid of all the unwanted body hair with a product that suits your skin type, such as Veet® Wax Strips With Easy Grip™ - Bikini & Underarm – Sensitive Skin. Even underarm waxing will be a breeze with such a product and you can look your best. There are also many barbeque grills around for food lovers.
  1. Al Nakeel: This is a five star beach property located in Jeddah, offering a luxurious experience for visitors. It is located on the Northern Coast and flanked by the Red Sea. It actually consists of several beaches. Al Nakeel provides a great view of marine life. So get prepared to be amazed here.

  1. Durat Al Arous: This is another exciting beach destination in Jeddah. It is located in the village of Durat Al Arous, in the Northern part of the city. Its scenic beauty will definitely tempt you to take a dive into the water. It is a conservative area but there is no restriction on women tourists, although it is advised to dress conservatively.