Monday, 25 July 2016

Health Hazards of Fizzy Drinks

According to an article in Al Arabiya, the soft drink industry in Saudi Arabia is the largest in the Middle East, in terms of both volume and value. With the climate of Saudi Arabia remaining hot and humid throughout the year, the demand for “rehydration” drinks has been seeing a constant rise. According to industry estimates, the sales of soft drinks are expected to increase by 52.6% in Saudi Arabia by the end of 2016.

Although these soft drinks, especially the fizzy ones, provide temporary relief from the heat, in the long run they do more damage to your body than good. Here are a few reasons to avoid using fizzy drinks to rehydrate yourself.

Causes Sore Throat

All fizzy drinks are mostly consumed in a cold or chilled state, which is what gives that cooling sensation to the body. But what it does in reality is that it causes congestion of the respiratory mucosa. Respiratory mucus is a defensive layer that covers the respiratory lining and acts as protection against external bacteria and viruses. Causing a congestion here means exposing your respiratory system to possible infections, which eventually leads to a sore throat.

Can Lead to Diabetes

All soft drinks contain added sugar. Consuming large quantities of such beverages will cause the sugar levels in a person's blood to rise, leading the way eventually to type 2 diabetes. Studies conducted between 1990 and 2000 showed that around 1,30,300 cases of the diabetes reported were caused by the increased consumption of soft drinks.

Increased Risk of Heart Disease

Studies conducted by various scientists across the world proved that drinking 3 cans of fizzy drinks a day can increase the risk of heart disease in an individual. Dietary guidelines by the WHO recommend that intake of added sugar should be less than one tenth of the total calorie intake in a day. Consuming 3 cans a day makes up for more than a quarter of the calories, since they are laden with sugar, thereby increasing the risk.

Premature Aging

It has been found that chemicals like phosphates used in these drinks speed up the aging process. Speeding up is not just in terms of wrinkles but also many health ramifications, such as chronic kidney diseases, earlier in life than what most people are likely to experience with the progress of age.

Increased Body Fat

Considering the calories involved, it should come as a surprise that these beverages would add to our body fat. A study found out that people who drink fizzy drinks are bound to experience a waist line that is three times more expanded than the people who do not consume them regularly.

Considering the side effects, it is better to reduce the consumption of such beverages, if not stop completely, given that you might have to deal with much more than just a sore throat.