Monday, 4 July 2016

Here’s how you remove dark circles

Getting rid of dark circles often involves some simple lifestyle changes. We present a few ideas.

Your face is so beautiful, your hair so shiny, but your eyes! They tell their own story of ill health and neglect. If you have had dark circles for years, and if the condition runs in your family, it is best to seek professional help in eliminating them. But if your problem is relatively new, you can try a few simple lifestyle changes for dramatic results.

1 Get enough sleep. Those who keep late nights or who have been putting in extra hours at the office find dark circles around their eyes. They wonder how to remove their dark circles, so most women try camouflaging the dark circles with make-up. The problem is easily remedied by getting some shut-eye for a few nights. Get at least seven hours of sleep in a quiet environment, and ditch the alarm clock if you can. In no time, your dark circles will be gone.

2 Get the right food. What you put in your body is often displayed on it. There’s a reason why health practitioners caution against the overuse of salt, sugar and oil in our diets. It is because these substances rob the skin of essential hydration and cause dark circles to appear around the eyes. So how will you remove dark circles? Ditch that fizzy drink and grab a fruit instead. Instead of a heavy dinner, opt for a light salad and a glass of milk before bed. Include seasonal fruit and vegetables in your meals every day instead of fried sweets and savouries. Your dark circles will soon fade away.

3 Tank up on fluids. Plain water, fresh fruit and vegetable juice, and green tea work wonders on the skin. Not only do these fluids help you flush out your system and rid it of toxins, they also provide hydration and promote cell repair and restoration. You will not have jaded, tired skin if you consume enough fluids during the day (coffee and tea do not count!) The more hydrated the skin, the more it can fight the appearance of dark circles.

4 Take it easy. Your eyes are fatigued through the day as you spend all of your working hours staring at a computer screen. Then you come home and have dinner in front of your television. You keep texting till the time you fall asleep. The white light emanating from these devices causes strain in the eyes and results in dark circles. Hence, tap out of all digital devices at least one hour before sleeping, and read a physical book in bed instead of an e-book. Wear an eye mask in bed.

5 Calm your eyes. Inflammation in the eye area causes dark circles to develop. The skin around the eyes can get inflamed and stressed with mounting deadlines, lack of sleep, exposure to pollution, and even illness. It is important to remove this inflammation by means of cooling agents like cooled tea bags, grated potato, cold milk compress and even cucumber slices. The dark circles will be gone when the skin around the eyes is calmed down.