Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Protection against incontinence

Your incontinence problem may or may not be curable, but it is possible to deal with it using the right incontinence product.
There is always a ring of embarrassed silence surrounding the subject of urinary incontinence. It might even be a funny subject for those who do not suffer from it and hence, have no idea of how mortifying the disorder can be. For those who suffer from urinary incontinence, it must be said that while there may be no immediate cure for their condition, they can certainly live with it keeping their dignity and lifestyle intact.
In recent times, several kinds of excellent incontinence protection products are being purchased by those suffering urinary incontinence. These products are meant to not just arrest the flow of urine from the body to the clothes, but to also keep the urine away from the skin by instantly absorbing it. However, one must not buy the first product one comes across. The incontinence protection product must have certain essential attributes, such as:
High absorption. Ideally, the product is designed for long usage, over a period of at least eight hours. During this time, it must not become soggy or feel wet against the skin – if this happens, it means the product’s absorbency is quite poor. Apart from quickly absorbing leaked urine, it must keep the fluid locked in so that it does not come in contact with the skin and clothes.
The right fit. Most people prefer to wear adult diapers as a form of incontinence protection. However, the diaper must be slim but not so thin that it does not do its job well. A thick diaper will change the silhouette of your hips and bunch up around the buttocks. Look for a diaper that fits snugly, does not pinch at the hips and does not slide off after being worn.
Odour control. Apart from rapid absorption and the right fit, the incontinence product must mask any lingering urinary odours. Some products are available in scented varieties to provide a pleasant fragrance that masks the odour of urine. Also look for products that provide anti-bacterial protection so that the surrounding skin does not become irritated and infected owing to contact with urine.
Skin protection. Most users of incontinence products complain of skin rashes, allergies and chafing after using the product. This simply means that the product’s materials are irritants on the skin, making it difficult to use the product after some time. The right product should be soft, malleable and made of skin-friendly materials such as cotton. The product should not resist the wearer’s movements but not be too limp, or it will break after urine seeps into it. If the wearer has sensitive skin, it might be a good idea to layer the skin with aloe vera gel before wearing the product.