Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The best underwear to combat urine leakage

Silence and isolation are the usual behavioural traits exhibited by those who suffer from urinary incontinence. But a good incontinence product can ease life to a large extent.
Many of us know people, or have heard of people who suffer from a peculiar problem: they have absolutely no control over their urinary function! This problem manifests itself in unexpected episodes of urine leakages that leave them scrambling for a restroom. Soon, those suffering from urinary incontinence stop stepping out for fear of embarrassing themselves and others. They are terrified of going out for long periods of time, sitting through entire movies in theatres, even going out for dinner with friends!
But with advances in science, there are excellent incontinence products available today that banish the loneliness and social stigma that urinary incontinence bring. One such product is known as the ‘depend underwear’. It is an excellent product that helps keep leaked urine in check and restores the wearer’s confidence in his own abilities to be out of the house for long. In fact, depend underwear can easily restore one’s normal way of life despite urinary incontinence.
The most common incontinence product that people buy is depend underwear, which is quite similar to a diaper. However, it is shaped to look and fit like a normal pair of underpants and can be worn easily under any sort of clothing. These ‘diapers’ can be used by both men and women, and most brands allow the person to wear them without help from caregivers.
Depend underwear are practical and easy to use, and they soak the leaked urine rapidly as it flows out of the body. This is a crucial function: the leaked urine must not come in contact with the surrounding skin, and hence, the clothes. The primary function of the diaper is to keep the urine out of the clothes so as to eliminate any possibility of stains or odours. Plus, the wearer is completely comfortable despite an episode of leakage, because the diaper absorbs the urine and does not let it return to the surface.
There are a few different types of depend underwear available for sale, though the most common type is backed by rubber and lined with cotton to provide comfort and absorbency. They feature adhesive belts on the sides to fit over the hips and prevent the diaper from shifting once it is worn. Another kind of depend underwear features an adjustable ‘belt’ that has an absorbent pad slung underneath – however, this type of belt is not recommended for long use.

Above all, the diaper is amenable to moving with the wearer’s every movement and designed to fit the contours of the body without appearing bulky or shapeless. Also, users and caregivers are cautioned to discard the product after a single use so as to prevent skin irritation and infections.