Monday, 1 August 2016

Acne Scar Treatments for Glowing Skin

Clear face boosts up a personality. In the case of acne, the face looks dull and ruins the beauty. Acne may be due to various factors like:
-unhealthy diet
-lack of essential oils in the skin
-keeping face oil
-hormonal imbalance
-the growth of bacteria on the face

Keeping face acne free and skin smooth is very important. In this technology driven world, science has advanced so much that man has reached mars. The treatment for acne is just a cakewalk. Acne can be removed with medications but most of the times it leaves scars which ruin the beauty. In skin clinics, acne scar removal is possible and has wonderful results.
Some of the techniques related to acne scar removal are-
• Medical therapy
•Laser techniques
•chemical peels
•Topical treatments

Let’s have a look at the various acne scar removal procedures-
·         Dermabrasion- This treatment works under high speed wire brush to minimise all the scars. This treatment needs sittings and in every sitting same activity is repeated until the whole scar line is removed. In case a person is suffering from stubborn kind of scars he must opt for this treatment and should also make sure the doctor is experienced enough.
·         Laser treatment- This is the most effective and popular treatment. It is recommended by most of the dermatologist and is quite expensive. In this treatment, the outer layer of skin is peeled or made dead with the help of beam called laser beam. A sitting of laser costs about 4000-5000 dollars. It has amazing results and is very effective.
·         Subcision- In this treatment, harmful tissues and main skin tissue are segregated that helps to reduce the marks or scar and making skin surfaced much clean. It is a rejuvenating experience as one gets rid of the mark or scar.
·         Fillers- These are also called as derma fillers and are very popular. This helps in the anti ageing treatment and is used for the removal of scars as well. Organic materials or synthetic materials are used for making up fillers.  It is the most painless treatment and saves a lot of time. It takes hardly half an hour for its completion.
·         Acid peels- It is known as chemical peeling method too. Unlike laser therapy acid peels are not done by using anaesthesia. It is done in a natural way and is painless. It works upon various acids like salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid. This treatment takes time and various sittings to show results. For the scars which are very deep, it is one of the effective treatments that can eliminate the scar from the core.

So, acne scar removal can be done under skin experts and at a clinic which suits you best. Before the treatment, various discussions regarding skin and past history should be done with the doctor. Skin type and various other factors are seen before treatment and accordingly opt for the treatment which suits your budget and is most effective.