Monday, 1 August 2016

Benefits of Female Condoms

HIV cases have literally gripped the world under its arm. Millions of people are getting transmitted with HIV Aids. This infectious disease has spread worldwide due to lack of sexual knowledge among people. Fortunately, with the advent of condoms and widespread of cause and awareness, there is a decline of this virus and more & more people are using a condom during the sexual session. Condoms are not only useful for avoiding this deadly disease but also due to reducing the risk of pregnancy. Till a few years back, only male condoms were available in the market, but now female condoms are also available for avoiding any disease and pregnancy risk.

Clearly, there are benefits of female condoms and many women are now using it during sex. It is one way of sharing responsibility towards the care. These condoms for female are made up of water-based and oil-based lubricant, making it durable and strong. Yes, there can be less climax effect which many men and women won't like, but the best part is these condoms are now available in thin material. Let us now check the benefits of these condoms for female:

  • Greater Control over Act: By using this item, women have more control over disease and pregnancy prevention during sex. It gives control over when and how the item will be used rather than relying on the partner to use the condom.
  • Pleasure, Intact: Female condom offers satisfaction and pleasure compared to old-fashioned male protection. By knowing that both partners are safe, they can proceed to enjoy the act in a natural progression.
  • Use during Menstrual Period: Many women avoid having sexual intercourse during the menses due to hygiene issue. But with these condoms, they can wear the same to enjoy the act without any hygiene issue.
  • Helps in Increase of Stimulation: Condoms come with an external ring that can naturally enhance the clitoral stimulation in women. Thus giving more pleasure and getting longer with the act.
Presently, 21 in every 100 women are using these condoms to avoid unplanned pregnancy and spread of STI. There are very fewer cases of failure and are easily available over the counter or online. There are online pharmacies and retail sites that deliver condoms for both men and women. These items are available under best rate. Taking precaution is a wise way to avoid getting interacted with harmful disease and undergoing unplanned pregnancy.

Buying Female Condoms
As mentioned above, online websites sell these condoms in variety. Though the price could be quite high compared to male condoms, but the price can be quite low later. However, offline retail stores have also started selling these condoms.

The ultimate aim of using a condom is to help both partners going against unplanned pregnancy and STI. This will enable the partners to put their mind at easing intercourse and enjoy the best time of pleasure. So buy female condom now and go with the flow of sexual pleasure for the entire night.