Sunday, 21 August 2016

How to Feel Better During Your Periods

According to a study conducted by Ibn Sina National College for Medical Sciences, Jeddah, about 36.4% women in Saudi Arabia have irregular menstruation, 21.6% have oligomenorrehea and 21.3% had polymenorrehea. About 19.5% of the women use less than 3 pads during one menstrual cycle, while 12.5% use more than 5 pads.

Another study revealed that about 68% of the girls experienced PMS and 59% were unable to attend school because of it. Dysmenorrhea was the most common problem, resulting in 60% to 90% the cases of absenteeism from school. 

However, most of the women continue to ignore this as general pain, without realising that they can control it and stay energized throughout the day even during their periods. Here is what you need to do to feel better.

Choose Your Food Wisely

This is a time when you crave for food items such as sugar, salt, coffee and alcohol, but, sadly, they only make the condition worse. Salt causes greater water retention, sugar causes rise and fall of blood sugar and caffeine increases the production of estrogen, leading to mood swings. Instead, opt for foods that are rich in vitamins and drink plenty of water and fluids.

Avoid Painful Activities but Indulge in Light Exercises

During periods, girls are more physically sensitive and painful activities, such as waxing, body piercing or getting a tattoo can be more painful than they otherwise would. On the other hand, simple exercises like yoga, stretching and walking can help maintain good blood flow and avoid cramps.

Meet Your Friends

A lot of women do not like to socialise during this time. However, the reality is that when you go out and meet friends, you get less time to think about how miserable you feel. So, try going out with your friends or organize a small party with them at home, it will really help in elevating your mood.

Get Adequate Rest

Needless to say, sleeping is the best solution for most problems. Getting enough sleep, especially at night, will help you to stay refreshed and rejuvenated.

Use the Right Protection

Most sanitary pads and tampons available in the market use chemicals that can cause rashes and the material used may cause problems of breathability. Choose products according to the materials used, absorbency and your skin type, and change them every 4-8 hours, depending on the flow.

Also, remember to take special care of your skin in the week leading to your periods, sicne injuries at that time can increase the irritation levels later.