Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How to remove chocolate stains from your carpet!

Chocolate coffee is the most desired drink during winters and spring season. What is better way than spending your spare time while watching TV and sipping a hot chocolate coffee in your living room? While this condition is comfortable and cozy, it can turn in to panic all of sudden when you’re hot chocolate spills on the carpet accidently! Now you become worried and look for various ways to remove those stains. It is quite difficult to remove the hot chocolate stains from the carpet.
Accidents can happen anytime and with anyone:
Accidents like mentioned above aren’t uncommon and takes place every now and then.  Chocolate spills are something, which you definitely don’t want to happen. It creates quite nasty and dark stain on your carpet that is difficult to wash from simple detergent or soap. Now you will search for various methods on how to remove chocolate stains thoroughly.
Do not give up on the stain:
When you’re confronting a tough situation of hot chocolate stains on the carpet, it is not time to leave the job in between instead carry on your trials or call an expert. You need to find different ways through which you can eradicate these ugly stains and get the shine of the carpet back and make it look clean and clear gleaming just like before. Here is some helpful guide to clean the carpet that has stains especially chocolate stains.
·         You need to start by taking some clean sponge and a cleaning cloth by marking the blemishing dribbled chocolate on the carpet. One should always clean the stain quickly as clearing the excess chocolate can actually assist in averting a stubborn spot on the carpet. Meticulously blot the dribble until you will find no more water transferring on to the cloth or sponge.
·         Secondly, you’ll need to prepare cleaning solutions that you’ll be using on the chocolate stain. You can make very effective solution for cleaning such type of stain by using ammonia available in the house. You simply need to mix a tbsp of ammonia with one cup of lukewarm water to make a powerful cleaning mediator, which will assist in tearing down the stain from the carpet. Just fill the spray bottle with this blend and continue with your next step confidently.  
·         You need to spray the chocolate stain numerous times with cleaning mixture. Keep it for around two minutes and keep spraying on the blot with dirt free white cloth or sponge.  You’ll notice that stain will turn in to lighter version of it when you blot continuously, this means this method of cleaning is working quiet well. Just continue blotting till all the chocolate stains are gone though it may take numerous tries but you will get the amazing result for sure. 
You can even try a cup of lukewarm water and rinse-off the space where there is stain. This assists in curing any build up of chocolate or excess remains from happening that can harm the carpet in long run. You need to dry the area thoroughly by using dry or wet vacuum to complete the job.