Monday, 1 August 2016

Is your home a ‘No Disease’ zone?

If it’s not, the problem could be the result of improper or inadequate home cleaning. We list a few tips for effective germ and bacterial elimination.
Have you noticed a peculiar problem in your home? Despite the house appearing to be clean and free of dust and foul odours, you and your loved ones keep falling ill. The ailments are not severe – normally ranging from mild stomach upset to cold – but they occur often. What causes these frequent bouts of ill health?
The problem could lie in inadequate home cleaning.
We may not realise it, but our homes can harbour thousands of unseen viruses, bacteria and germs both in the air and on surfaces. Though most of these are harmless, some have the potential to make one ill after entering one’s system. They are not visible to the naked eye like dust and dirt are – and so, if you think your house is clean because it looks clean, maybe it is not.
While it is difficult to scrub the house and wipe every single surface every day, it is important to contain and eliminate bacterial infestation as much as possible and as frequently as possible. The key areas to target are surfaces that are touched by the entire house. Door knobs, hand rails, faucets, kitchen counters, table tops, mattresses, landline phones and switches are prime sites for germs and bacterial growth.
The use of disinfectant sprays
You can easily clean your home if you have a simple but effective cleaning and disinfecting implement to help you out. We recommend using a multipurpose disinfectant spray that will do the job for you. These sprays clean every surface in a jiffy to remove visible dirt and grime, and kill up to 99.99% of invisible germs and bacteria. Thus, they offer reliable cleaning and disinfectant action within seconds of application.
All you need to do is spray the solution on the desired surface and let it air dry. If you want to make sure that the surface is thoroughly clean, you may wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe. Wiping off every last vestige of the product is important on such surfaces as kitchen counters and cook tops, which come in contact with your food.
A reliable disinfectant spray will also kill allergens and is safe to use even in children’s rooms and the family’s sleeping areas.
Why disinfect, when soap and water can clean just as well?
Soap and water may dislodge dried food particles, grime and other dirt, but they cannot kill disease-causing bacteria. Such bacteria as E.Coli, MSRA, Salmonella and Listeria are quite resistant and only a strong disinfectant can eliminate them.

Soap and water can only attack visible dirt and dust, and also impart a shine to your home surfaces. But do refrain from using only soap and water as your main cleaning implements, because they cannot help you to fight germs and disease.