Sunday, 21 August 2016

Urine Leakage & How to Get Rid of It

According to an article in Gulf News, published in June 2016, a study revealed that about 42 percent of the women above the age of 38 years in the UAE suffer from urinary incontinence. Of these, about 80% complained that their daily activities, including social and physical engagement, were affected by it. Most of these women do not seek medical help because they consider this situation to be socially embarrassing and the cultural barrier makes it worse for them.

Urinary incontinence, which is basically a medical condition in which the urine is leaked from the body accidentally, is very common problem affecting about 400 million women worldwide. This condition can be temporary or chronic and is more commonly found in women above the age of 50 years.

Urine leakage can be triggered by small activities such as sneezing and laughter but can be managed with proper information and guidance.

How to Manage it

  • Take Care of your Skin: More leakage means that there could be greater risk of skin infections and rashes. Dampness from the urine makes the skin moist, which leads to the growth of bacteria and yeast. So, make sure you wash regularly with soap and apply a cream to keep the urine away. Avoid hot water, since it could increase the irritation level.

  • Using the Right Absorbent: Using the right tools of protection makes it much easier to cope with this problem. You can opt for products like panty liners, absorbent adult briefs and reusable incontinence undergarments. The urine holding capacity varies across products, so make sure you check for absorbency before making a purchase.

  • Odour Prevention: This is often one of the biggest concerns of incontinence. One way to prevent odour is by staying hydrated. However, it is important not to drink too much of anything, since it would lead to greater urine production and therefore leakage. To remove the smell from clothes, wash them with baking soda and apply deodorant a before leaving the house.

  • Monitor the Urinating Patterns: Consumption of caffeine, acidic foods, alcoholic drinks and hot spices can irritate the bladder and force it to behave abnormally. So, monitor your urine patterns to understand the amount and frequency of the flow. There is a possibility that you feel the urge after specific intervals of time. Change your diet and lifestyle accordingly.

Things to Be Kept in Mind

  • When you are at home, make sure that bathroom is always available.
  • Wear clothes that are easy to remove.
  • Remember to empty your bladder before going to sleep or leaving the house.