Thursday, 4 August 2016

Various ways to remove grass stains out from the clothing!

How to get grass stains out is the main question that pops up when you come home after playing or doing some activity from the garden. Grass stains are very stubborn and it becomes very difficult to remove these stains from the cloth. Here are some of the most amazing tips that when you follow, will help you in getting rid of the grass stains completely and to great extent.
You need to check with these steps before washing the clothes:
·         You need to start by tapping the soaked cloth on the area with water. Once you utilize the water, try rubbing some amount of alcohol dipped cloth on the affected area. Let the solution dry and refrain yourself from rubbing the solution on cloth made from silk or wool as it will have adverse effect on the cloth. For clothes made from acetate, make the solution dilute by adding 3 parts of water and one part of alcohol.
·         You need to sponge the affected area with normal or cold water and cure the stain by using some liquid detergent solution, then rinse it off and let it dry.
·         When the stains are visible, soak your cloth in a blend of 1 tbsp of stain eradicating enzyme products such as Era and lukewarm water for around 40 to 50 minutes. Once the cloth is soaked, then rinse off the cloth entirely and launder in lukewarm water again by using bleach, which is better for the color and fabric both.
·         When your clothes are white and have stain of grass then bleach these stains by mixing hydrogen peroxide on the stain directly and let it dry. In case the stain isn’t gone completely then try using hydrogen peroxide again.
Different ways to remove the stains for those clothes that needs to be dry-cleaned:
·         When your clothes have grass stains then make sure you take the cloth to the dry cleaners and show them the spot on the clothes.
·         In case you wish to remove the stain all by yourself then it is always advisable to dab your cloth in white vinegar solution mixed with water. When this doesn’t eliminate the stain, try using an enzyme product paste on the affected area. Don’t apply vinegar or enzyme items on clothes that are made up of silk or wool. You need to leave this enzyme item on the affected area for around 35 minutes, and then wipe off the enzyme product with damp and warm sponge.
You should avoid using these products on your clothes that are extremely delicate like silk or wool and also don’t use any detergents that are harsh, alkalis, alkaline detergents, degreasers or ammonia on the grass stain. There are some fabrics that are delicate and colored from which it is quite difficult or not possible to remove the stains at all. When you try removing stains from the cloth then it is always advisable to take some professional or elderly help.