Wednesday, 10 August 2016

What is “Bugging” Saudi Arabian Homes the Most?

A pest is defined as a plant or animal that causes harm to humans, agriculture or livestock. In simple words, they are the organisms that cause nuisance and epidemic diseases, specifically plague, leading to death and destruction. In even simpler words, they are the biggest enemies humans have today. Remember Jerry, the mouse from Tom and Jerry? When you were young, he must have made you laugh a lot but what if he enters your own house? Yeah, that's the kind of destruction we are talking about here.

Saudi Arabia, being a Middle-Eastern country with relatively higher temperatures all through the year, is home to many different types of pests. According to a report, the annual loss due to eradication of severely infested palms stands at an estimated value of US$1.74–US$8.69 million.

It is not just the financial loss that these pests lead to but they also cause too many diseases. Pest control is an important step towards a safer home. Here is a list of commonly found pests in Saudi Arabian homes.


We can only blame movies like 'Stuart Little' and 'Mouse Hunt' for making the mouse look so cute and innocent. In real life, they are a big pain. They spread many diseases while searching for food and shelter. They can also damage your property, furniture and equipment.


If mice were not enough, they also have a cousin in the rat. Once they are in your house, they are not leaving any time sonn. They cause damage and contaminate food, spread diseases and, the worst part, shed hair all over the place. One pair of rats sheds more than 1 million body hair each year and a single rat leaves up to 25,000 droppings.


Another insect made to look cute in cartoons is in reality nothing like Oggy’s roaches. They are carriers of diseases such as Salmonella, Dysentery and Gastroenteritis. Their droppings also cause asthma and eczema.

Bed Bugs

Remember the old saying, “Sleep tight, don't like the bed bugs bite”? Growing up you realize that these insects are not limited to public places, such as cinemas and hotels. They can be easily transported to your home and once they are in, say goodbye to your sleep. Your nights will more often than not end in a horrible itch that doesn’t seem to go away.


There are 120,000 known species of flies in the world and they are present everywhere, except for Antarctica. They need some ingenuity in keeping them at bay.

These bugs are an increasing problem worldwide and it is important to opt for pest control to make your home safe and pest free.