Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Why to Avoid Dark Circles at Your Workplace

There has been an increase in the number of women who are entering the workforce in Saudi Arabia. As of now, the demand for jobs for women is increasing at a higher rate than the availability of jobs for women. Besides traditional job avenues for women such as teaching, women are also entering other fields such as interior design, law and computer engineering according to an article in The Middle East Eye. At the same time, the Ministry of Labour is aiming at increasing the participation of women in the workforce by running several programs with the same objective.  

At the workplace, regardless of your gender, it is important to appear neat, tidy and efficient to your superiors and co-workers. One of the ways you can create the wrong impression is by having dark circles under your eyes at work. Let us look at the kind of associations people usually make when they see a co-worker with dark circles.

What Impressions Others Form About You
Bad personal routine: Yes, everyone knows what typically causes dark circles under eyes is lack of sleep. However, people are not going to stop and make concerned enquiries about why you are not getting enough sleep. They are most likely to form a conclusion about your lack of discipline and decide that you do not follow a healthy daily routine. The idea they form is that someone who cannot take care of their basic health needs such as getting enough sleep, they would not be able to take care of the work that is assigned to them either.

Bad personal health: One of the causes for the formation of circles is a deficiency of iron in your diet. Keep in mind that excessive consumption of coffee or tea at the same time will reduce your body's capacity to absorb iron. In fact, there are a number of health problems that people might assume you are suffering from just by looking at the condition your eyes are in. Puffy eyes can be misunderstood to be a sign of kidney trouble. Yellow eyes can indicate jaundice and even make people think that you are fond of drinking excessive alcohol.  

Too old for the job: When you appear younger, people assume that you are energetic and alert. Dark circles under your eyes will make your face appear ragged and older. We are not suggesting that you use anything more than ordinary make up to make yourself seem more polished and professional. Studies have found that those who look fit for the job are more likely to be given important tasks.

Make up is a very personal thing. While you might wear a little make up to a job interview, you will not wear any for a college examination. The fact is that make up makes you feel confident in the knowledge that you are not just looking your best but also feeling your best.