Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Ketchup is so yum…and it’s here to stay!

The good old tomato ketchup has the reputation of being a painful food to erase from your clothes. We present a sure-fire way to get rid of ketchup stains.
You’re about to bite into a really delicious-looking sandwich you just made. You take a hearty bite, closing your eyes to savour the taste of meat, veggies, herbs and sauce in it. But when you open your eyes, you see something so nasty that all thoughts about your sandwich are driven out of your head: you’ve spilled ketchup on your shirt!
Oh, the horror! But you haven’t seen anything yet. When your back was turned, your toddler smuggled your ketchup bottle and took it away to his room to ‘play with’. Then he squeezed ketchup on his face, his clothes and the floor. Wading through the mess, you looked with dismay at his clothes – and at yours. ‘Our clothes are doomed’ you thought, because ketchup always leaves a stain.
Not if you get in there first.
The key to getting ketchup stains off your clothes is to take quick action so that the stain does not set. Once set, ketchup will always leave an orange discolouration behind. So you will be forced to junk your stained clothing.
But if you want a good ketchup stain remover routine, try these steps in the same order as presented:
·         Rinse the clothing at once, with cold running water. Flush the stain at the back, turning the fabric inside out.
·         While still wet, treat the stain to a liquid detergent and tamp with your fingers. Let it stand for five minutes.
·         Flush with cold water till the detergent is completely washed.
·         Blot white vinegar on the stain. Let it stand for five minutes.
·         Flush with cold water. Now repeat the above steps till most of the stain is removed.
·         Treat the stain with a fabric stain removal system. Use as directed on the package. Let it stand for at least half an hour, then wash in the washing machine.
·         Make sure the stain is completely removed before you put the clothing in the dryer; otherwise the stain will set permanently.
Some dried stains might require harsher measures to be completely removed. Use bleach if your clothes can stand the abrasive nature of the product. You might need to use bleach in your wash after the garment has been treated to the above steps.

There are excellent stain removal liquids and powders available today – these are effective ketchup stain removers, and they work on a variety of stains, from grass to coffee ones. The trick lies in taking quick action and using the right product to protect your clothes from stains.