Thursday, 29 September 2016

MENA asset management – your key to successful investing

The MENA region presents its own unique challenges for investors. Hence, the right team of asset managers is required to handle the investment portfolio.

It is an obvious truth that the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region holds tremendous opportunities for growth. Notwithstanding a few recent economic hiccups, the region is set to show commendable development across various industries and business sectors.

It is safe to say that the MENA region will be among the fastest growing economic regions in the world in the next five years. Today, the Governments of the MENA region countries are all set to implement and execute a slew of economic reforms that will catapult them to a high rate of success.

A dominant trend to emerge in recent times is that of an increase in private equity investments in the region. This could be attributed to a large upwardly mobile, young population employed in high paying industries. Also, there is good stability in the markets, leading to higher creation of wealth all around. Thus, an evolution in new businesses and such sectors as education, infrastructure and mining is expected in this region. This is further underlined by higher shares of private equity capital in the region’s overall GDP, with tremendous scope for the future.

Foreign investment is seeing a revival in the MENA markets as well. In recent times, many private equity-owned companies have been snapped up by both domestic and international players, and there have been good results at the stock exchanges. Furthermore, FDI is expected to rise in the coming years with Saudi Arabia opening its already considerably large stock market (worth close to USD 700 million) to foreign investors. The UAE has followed suit by lowering the stock percentage that companies must float in an IPO from 55% to 30%.

With the signs of the MENA markets evolving and maturing in the coming days, it is time for both domestic and international investors to augment their resources by investing in the region’s many industries and businesses.

The best in investment with the right asset management teams

‘Asset management’ has become a dominant theme among many investors’ daily lingo. Investors in the MENA region are putting together a sophisticated portfolio that is backed by research and experts’ inputs. Since investors are constantly in need of market news and trends to make their next strategic decisions, reputed MENA asset management companies are helping investors in a variety of ways.

Rightly recognising that investors can bring about the best in the MENA region in the coming days, these MENA asset management teams are helping investors get exposure to global investment solutions. They combine their extensive knowledge in asset management to help investors get both short term and long term gains, across such sectors as investment products, alternative investments and investment advisory, among others.