Thursday, 29 September 2016

Which are the best brands of incontinence products?

Incontinence products that give you completely dry coverage and the confidence to step out of doors, are the best ones to choose.

If you suffer from urinary incontinence, you are probably frustrated about living with the embarrassing condition. Don’t be – it can happen to anyone, and there are ways to live with the condition and lead a full and happy life.

The first step in living comfortably with incontinence is acceptance. Accept that you have a condition that could be cured at some point in time, and move on. The second step is to find a range of excellent incontinence products that can help restore your life to its previous routine.

What are incontinence products?
These are a range of wearable items that help absorb the involuntary leakage of urine and prevent it from staining the clothes. Incontinence products absorb the urine and prevent it from coming out again. Thus, they are discreet and let their wearer enjoy their life and move about freely even with episodes of incontinence.

They are mostly in diaper and underwear form (both men and women) or sanitary pads (for women). Other types of incontinence products include powders to apply on the skin so that there is no chafing or irritation. These powders can also mask any odours, if present.

How to pick the best brands of incontinence products
It pays to test a few well known incontinence products on yourself instead of buying into marketing spiel and picking the wrong items. Consider the following checklist when picking incontinence products for yourself or a person you care for:
  • ·         It must be made of soft cotton, bolstered on the inside by fluid-repellent material so that the urine is locked in and kept away from the clothes.
  • ·         It can be in underwear form, diaper form or sanitary pad form. Choose the shape and fit that is best suited to your body shape and size.
  • ·         Try wearing the product under your normal clothes. If there are unseemly bulges and lines, the product is either too large or too thick. Pick the correct size and try again. If it is still visible from under your clothes, it is the wrong choice.
  • ·         It must be easy to wear.