Wednesday, 26 October 2016

4 Must Know Beauty Hacks for Women

Did you know that Arab woman possesses the youngest and healthiest skin among all races on our planet? They are blessed with voluminous and the most lustrous hair that others can only dream of. They are not only given a second look when they pass by, but also a third and fourth look. To protect this beautiful gift, they take the necessary measures.

Reason for the Beauty of Arab Woman

The traditional veil keeps the skin protected from dust and the harmful rays of the sun while one is outdoors. It also helps that many women avoid going out of the home during the hours when the sun’s rays are at their peak intensity, which preserves the quality of the skin. Arab women also known to eat the most healthy and fresh foods. The traditional Hammams or what Westerners call Saunas include regular massage with essential oils, followed up by steaming the body. This not only helps open up the pores on the skin to absorb all that beneficial oil but the steaming helps get rid of toxins from the skin’s surface, keeping the skin radiant. Women from the Middle East also take special care to groom themselves, including the removal of undesirable body hair. This task has become simpler with the easy availability of cold wax hair removal strips, such as Veet® Wax Strips With Easy Grip™, which is available for different skin types, including sensitive skin.

Tricks to Make Makeup and Skin Care Fun

Arab woman are also experts at makeup and taking care of their skin. Here are some beauty hacks that every woman should know to keep her skin youthful and glowing.

  1. Lipstick as Full Makeup
If you're running short of time and lack the essential beauty supplies, like blush and eyeshadow, a small tint of lipstick can be applied on the cheek bones and spread just like blush. You can try the same thing with your eye lids to create the effect of eyeshadow. You can also use lipstick mixed with paraffin wax as lip balm.

  1. Cold Wax Hair Removal
This is the most extensively used technique of hair removal at home. It consists of a applying a strip on which wax is already applied in the direction of hair growth. Rub the strip with your palms to warm it a bit so that it sticks perfectly to the hair. Remove the strip in one quick motion, in the direction opposite to the direction of hair growth. You will get long lasting results and softer skin on the arms and legs, since the dead skin cells will also get removed with this method.

  1. Straightening Hair Naturally
Tie you hair with an elastic band, pulling tightly from the scalp but avoiding breakage. In the ponytail, again tie another elastic band a bit lower down the strands. Repeat the process till you reach the tip of the ponytail. Leave it overnight and see the results all by yourself.

  1. Lemon and Sugar

These simple ingredients found in your kitchen can be used for body exfoliation. A mixture of lemon juice and sugar can be applied as a body scrub. It has no adverse effects on the skin like the other commercial products do.