Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How are Sanitary Napkins Effective?

It may be hard to believe but a woman uses about 10,000 sanitary products during her lifetime. Given that it is the most painful time of the month for a woman, a lot of thought goes into choosing the ideal sanitary product and management method.
In the Gulf countries, where temperatures remain high through most of the year, blood flow is not the only concern for the ladies. The perspiration levels often make the delicate areas damp, resulting in itchiness and even infections.
When you consider the options available in the market, sanitary napkins are available in a plethora of choices and are the ideal way to remain dry and protected. Here are a few things that make these products efficient.


The ultimate goal of using a pad is to absorb the blood flow and the use of materials such as plastic or polyethylene back sheets helps in preventing leakage. There are different sanitary napkins available in the market for light and heavy flow, made of different materials. This makes it a perfect companion under all conditions. No girl wants to walk around with stains on their clothes, and this is another benefit of these products. They keep you leak-free if, changed regularly.

Keeps You Healthy

Earlier, these pads used to contain plastics, artificial fragrances, adhesive and chemical gels. These are the last things that you want your body to come in contact with. They can cause irritation in the most sensitive parts of the body, often leading to health issues and diseases.
On the other hand, sanitary pads are free from irritants, so you can avoid unnecessary exposure to synthetic materials. Their use gives confidence to women who otherwise consider periods a type to step away from the outside world.

Good for the Pocket

Sanitary napkins are relatively cheap and last longer, which increases their value for money. Given that you’ll be using thousands of pads in your lifetime, this becomes an important factor.

Other Benefits

··         They can be worn even before the periods begin.
·         You can wear them while sleeping. In fact, it is actually good, since it helps prevent side leakage while turning and twisting during sleep.
·         They allow you to monitor the flow and provide you the flexibility to choose your daily activities. For example, if you have higher flow, you can opt for thicker material and in case of light flow switch to thin material, without affecting your day.
·         Lastly, they also help in reducing menstrual cramps, which otherwise is a common occurrence.

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